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How to wean teen smoking

In today's world of smoking - one of the most common problems among young people. Teens often try to look older, and therefore smoking, foul language, drinking and even turn to drugs. Parents are sometimes very difficult to see it, let alone eradicate bad habits in your favorite offspring and did not realistic.

How to wean teen smoking

Instruction how to wean the teen smoking

Step 1:

Pay your attention to the fact that most smokers make this bad habit in adolescence. According to statistics, in the decision to take a cigarette influence the people around the child. The fact that it is difficult not to repeat for the parents, relatives, friends and acquaintances. So it is better initially to think about your future baby.

Step 2:

If we are unable to avoid trouble, you need to find a way to help teenager quit smoking. Firstly, you as parents can monitor the child's pocket money. Of course, a teenager can cut their costs in one place and to carve out the necessary funds on cigarettes. In this case, you can fully and completely take control of its financial costs. However, in deciding on such an important step, do not forget that a teenager can find another way to get money. Probably, it would be even worse ...

Step 3:

Another fairly common way to wean the child from cigarettes is moral support. Here we are not talking about all kinds of conversation and advice, exhortations and intimidation, which tells about the dangers of smoking. Do not think that young people are not aware of the consequences. In place of the parents to provide better psychological support to their child. Perhaps he had a certain lack of confidence in itself, a problem. Try to bring in teens trust.

Step 4:

Position "threw himself" wrong. Of course, there are times when just a teenager grows up and realizes his error. However, many are heavy smokers, who quit and did not seem impossible. So that you should not run the problem.

Step 5:

And yet - even if your child says that on the day he needed only one cigarette, do not relax. More importantly, how often he refers to tobacco smoke. If it is a habit, then it will continue to smoke even one cigarette a day, but throughout life.