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How to wear plate

Dental records - a removable orthodontic device that is used to treat certain defects bite in children. An important advantage is the possibility of platelets sometimes shoot them, thus avoiding discomfort when eating or brushing teeth. However, this advantage plates can easily become a disadvantage and lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of treatment, if you do not abide by the rules of wearing.

How to wear plate

Instruction how to wear plate

Step 1:

Check that the child did not take off the device at night. In case of failure of this recommendation outcome of treatment may be lost because the teeth will return to its original position. The dentist should tell you about the terms of use plate.

Step 2:

Take good care of braces. Plaque that accumulates on the teeth and orthodontic device can lead to decay. The child should be a CPA­Dhu to explain that if he fails to comply with oral hygiene, beautiful smile is not clean vidat.Plastinki special gels. One gel used daily, and the second is used once a week for a deeper cleansing. These funds should recommend to your orthodontist. Clean the removable plates make personal toothbrush child. Do not use a brush with rough scheti­tion, as it can PWA­dit design details.

Step 3:

If the self-cleaning was insufficient and tartar on the plate can not be removed, it is possible to give the device hardware cleaning. With the help of a special device will record perfect cleaned and sterilized.

Step 4:

For a more thorough care is recommended once a week to fill the plate in a container with a special cleaning concentrate for long periods of time, eg overnight.

Step 5:

After cleansing solution need to drip on the plate screw (if it has one) drop of vegetable oil and then turn it clockwise and back. Avoid premature crank screws, as this could lead to unnecessary activation of the device. The procedure is best to spend a thorough cleaning the day before the visit to the orthodontist and the next activation of the device.

Step 6:

At mealtime, remove the device, or food debris will decompose on it, causing the formation of caries. It is undesirable to use elixirs polo­Scania's mouth, it is better to use bezalko­golnye fluoride treatments and preventive Opole­skivateli. Do not use for cleaning plates toothpicks and dental floss. Rasstantes with chewing gum on the BPE­mja treatment.