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How to wide swaddling

Swaddling a baby - one of the most important for its maintenance procedures of those who should be able to do every mother. At first glance, there is nothing difficult in swaddling crumbs. In fact, not to hurt recently appeared on light little man, it should be done properly. Tight swaddling with straight legs and stretched "at the seams" handles difficult digestion and breathing crumbs, and often leads to underdevelopment of his hips. That's why most children's doctors advised mothers to do a wide swaddling in which the child retains a natural posture for him.

How to wide swaddling

Instruction how to make a wide swaddling

Step 1:

Before wide swaddling the baby, find this a convenient place. The easiest way to use a special changing table. If there is none, is located on an ordinary table, a wide bed or mattress, covered with a clean diaper.

Step 2:

Place the naked baby on the changing place, and put on it the previously prepared baby's undershirt or blouse. Then take the crumbs on his hands and on the table lay a diaper.

Step 3:

The upper portion of the diaper is snug but not tight wrap around the chest toddler at the level of the armpits. Child Hands must remain free.

Step 4:

A lower edge of the diaper, fold so that it wraps one leg baby. By the same token, fold the bottom edge of the second film. This is done in order to bare baby feet are not rubbing on one another.

Step 5:

Bottom diaper wrap around both legs of the baby so that there is nothing to prevent them from moving freely.

Step 6:

One upper corner of the diaper wrap at the back of the baby, and the other corner tuck into the pocket formed to diaper is not flew with the toddler.

Step 7:

There is another way of diapering wide - using the diaper. Cooked diaper fold diagonally in half and place it on a surface for changing. Right angle diapers should be pointing down and sharp angles - the sides.

Step 8:

The left end of the diaper wrap the left thigh baby, and the right end - right. Do this without changing the position of the legs outstretched crumbs. The lower corner of the diaper let down up to the level of the navel baby. This homemade diaper rubbing not allow crumbs legs.

Step 9:

Further, the lower edge of a large diaper, fold the top of the child up to his armpits, and make wide swaddling in the usual way.