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How to write a program for the camp

Children may remain the most contradictory memories of the children's camp - from negative to unforgettable. One of the key roles in achieving the positive perception of the rest of this plays well-written program.

How to write a program for the camp

Instruction how to write a program for the camp

Step 1:

Choose main topic for your program. It will help you determine the attributes, leisure, sporting events, decoration. For example, turn the change in the "Indian tribe" or "command of a pirate ship." Set the hierarchy, create, together with the relevant elements of the costume guys, come up with a slogan, develop games and other entertainment areas. Constant presence in the game will entice children and give the most vivid memories for years to come.

Step 2:

Develop an evaluation system for both groups, and for each child. It can be colored or icon labels that you give out on the day. Thus you will be able to maintain a competitive spirit and motivation in the team. At the end of the season or shift to move the final results and contemplate more substantial gifts.

Step 3:

Choose the range of activities that will be aimed at developing and strengthening the health of children. Try to balance the number of games aimed at competitiveness, with entertainment in the free form, where children can express their creativity. Try to make sure that the event flows smoothly from one to the other.

Step 4:

Make a daily routine, which would fit the elements of your program. The final shape may extend even lunch in the dining room or mandatory building and roll. At the same time the key elements of the regime must be planned well in a fixed time. Take some hours when children may be watching and what they want.

Step 5:

Outlined his program in writing. List all the necessary guidelines, goals and objectives, how to implement your program. Leave it to review the rest of the staff involved in the educational process. Assign roles and give clear guidance on implementation.