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How to write a psychological characteristics

You need to write a psychological response to your child, and you do not understand why it should be done? Very often, such a characterization is required for admission to the school. It is used to review with your child and for the selection of training methods based on individual characteristics. Since write psychological characteristics?

How to write a psychological characteristics

Instruction how to write psychological characteristics

Step 1:

As a general rule, to fill the specifications you provide a sample. In many institutions, they are different, but there are always a few common points. You must specify the surname, name and patronymic of the child, date of birth and place of permanent residence.

Step 2:

Pay attention to the point at which you tell about the physical development of your child. Here you must specify all chronic diseases, how often a child is exposed to colds. Be sure to tell about the possible medical ban on any physical exercise. If a child needs daily medicines, do not forget to mention this.

Step 3:

Specify which relations have developed with you and the child. It helps or not he will on the farm. What he has chores. How your child independent.

Step 4:

Be sure to put aware of how the child communicates with his peers. Single it is in communication, or vice versa - shy and closed.

Step 5:

Imagine teachers information about the enthusiasm of the child. It can be reading books, drawing, music classes. Perhaps your child loves to go swimming or engaged in dances.

Step 6:

Particular attention is manifest in the description of the development of speech. How well the child speaks, whether it is large vocabulary. There is no speech or defects.

Step 7:

Mention about the child's behavior features. Sometimes if he aggressive? Or vice versa differs calm. Whether perseverance manifests. Or on the contrary - too restless.

Step 8:

Now tell us about how other children relate to your child. Are they willing to play with him, if he enjoys popularity in kindergarten. Does not arise when dealing konflikty.Kak write psychological characteristics you tell a kindergarten teacher or the school teacher that your child attends. He spends a lot of time with them, and they know some features of the nature of your child, sometimes unknown to you.