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How to write a response to the preschool child

If you are going to send the child in the first grade, the teacher may ask you to write a response to a preschooler. Try to reveal to her his readiness for school, reporting skills and abilities of the child. It is also important to report on the readiness of the preschool child to find mutual understanding with other children and with adults, teachers.

How to write a response to the preschool child

Instruction on how to write a description of preschool child

Step 1:

Specify in the early characteristics of the name and the name of the preschool child.

Step 2:

Write the year and place of birth of the child.

Step 3:

If the child attended preschool, specify the name or number. Do not forget to note at what age he attended kindergarten. If the institution has worked for some of the experimental or advanced program, be sure to emphasize this fact. For example, a program in the pre-school could be based on developing training, or surf the aesthetic trend in the educational process.

Step 4:

Write about what classes and academic subjects (in the preparatory group) are most popular with your child. For example, he might be happy to engage in reading or drawing.

Step 5:

If the works (paintings, embroidery, applique, etc.) preschool received high praise, for example, at exhibitions of various levels (district, city), then report it.

Step 6:

Let us know what skills already mastered your child. For example, he knows the score to a hundred or know how to read (skim, the syllables), etc.

Step 7:

Write about which reviews progress and behavior of your child was on the part of educators, and what recommendations have been given to you for the further development and education of the future student.

Step 8:

Note behaviors preschooler: sociable or whether he constantly picks a quarrel and fight, if assiduous and attentive, how long can focus on any one issue, whether capable of consistently and competently express their thoughts and draw conclusions.

Step 9:

If the pre-schooler engaged in any of the circles, sections, write about it, stating their name and type of activity (sport, painting, dance, etc.).

Step 10:

Expand the child's enthusiasm for some business. For example, he is studying music at a music school and at home, has mastered the skill of the game at some musical instrument well, or he sings. If preschooler already participated in competitions, concerts or festivals, write about it in the characterization.

Step 11:

Indicate whether any temporary or permanent assignments for future pupil home, and how he coped with them. Write also about whether he showed himself the initiative, for example, wanting to help mom or dad.

Step 12:

Describe how the dialogue of preschool children with their peers, younger comrades. If the child is open, always ready to provide the necessary assistance, always friendly and courteous, be sure to emphasize the positive side of his character.