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Hyperactivity in the child

Now, many parents are faced with the problem of hyperactive children. A hyperactive child - it's noisy, excitable, constantly in motion child. It is interesting to just about anything, but to focus on anything in particular is very difficult.

Hyperactivity in the child

Causes of hyperactivity

Single causes hyperactivity of the child is not present. On this affects several factors.

1. The presence of the mother during pregnancy, certain infections, smoking, use of drugs or alcohol, the presence of diseases, the incompatibility of Rh factor and others.

2. Strict Children and frequent family conflicts can trigger the appearance of hyperactivity.

3. 80% of the hyperactivity of the child depends on genetic factors.

As seen hyperactivity in a child?

Learn it's pretty simple. If a child is not a second is not sitting still, all the while running, jumping, all the time something pulls, breaks, somewhere to climb, it means that the child's hyperactivity.

Most often hyperactivity manifested when the child is very naughty and a lot of crying, can not sit still, do not stop for a long time on concrete things.

How to deal with hyperactivity?

Psychologists do not recommend strongly inhibit the hyperactivity. Energy child have to go, rather than accumulate. However, if every day a child is becoming more hectic, it is necessary to show a neurologist and psychologist.

In the struggle with hyperactivity makes comprehensive care. Here you need medical intervention, together with measures which will conduct a psychologist. The main treatment - is to channel the energy of the child in the right direction. It is important to observe a strict schedule, play more outdoors.

Hyperactive children are not a special interest in a particular kind of activity. However, as a rule, active children are more like physical education, so it would not hurt to give this child in the sports section. it is very difficult to communicate with hyperactive children. For them is not acceptable strict upbringing. Even small to achieve such a child should be encouraged. Do not overload the child too.

Hyperactivity - is not a disease, but she will not do. Therefore, parents need to be patient.