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If a child has an idol

If the child appeared idol, parents need to know how to behave properly, to his fascination with the star, or fictional character not turned into fanaticism.

If a child has an idol

Instruction If your child has an idol

Step 1:

In every age the children their idols. Kids charms courage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and agility of Spider-Man. Students admire actors or athletes. But at any age idol is the concentration of what your child is committed. Treat it with respect for the passion. Do not rush to discredit the idol that he is certainly strong, clever or beautiful, but stupid and limited. Such words you even more spur the interest of the child. If a negative hero, the child eventually outgrow the hobby itself.

Step 2:

Learn about your child's idol as much as possible. To do this, collect information about a person who admires your child. Many idols - real people who have achieved recognition, overcoming many obstacles and complex and worthy of respect. Of course, if it's not a cartoon character. Discuss with your child the object of his admiration: he was interested in what and how to achieve success. A child on the example of his idol learns that to achieve the goal you have to be persistent.

Step 3:

Point of interest of the child in the right direction. Passion idol can be a good motivation for the development of the child. Main give the right direction to the idol became a model for self-development and not an idol to worship. To increased interest in the star has benefited, it is necessary to draw the child's attention on him. When you have figured out exactly what features in the idol he particularly likes, explain how you can achieve what he so admires. For example, to become big and strong as his hero, you need to eat right from childhood, to observe the daily routine and discipline in sports.