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In some sports section to send their children?

By choosing for their child section should be approached seriously. To improve health, expand the interests of your child, to help him from the early years to temper your character, you need to enroll your child in the sports section, but what exactly, up to you themselves.

In some sports section to send their children?

Instruction in some sports section to send their children?

Step 1:

Unfortunately, not all parents are aware that the choice of sporting activities must depend on the age of your son. For example, a child of 7-8 years may still not be entirely developed some systems and skills, such as breathing, agility and endurance. If it is not time to give such a child in the section on athletics or volleyball, you may have a health problem.

Step 2:

How to insure not to make mistakes? Everything is very simple. You should familiarize yourself with sports that are suitable in terms of precisely your child. Recommended age for football, hockey, basketball, volleyball and wrestling - 10-12 years. For boxing - 12-14 years. But to start doing weight training, you need to wait until the baby is not filled 14-15 years. On the lessons of gymnastics and swimming, you can start walking from 7-8 years.

Step 3:

Sometimes it happens that a teenager is very busy studying or for medical reasons can not seriously engage in sports. How to be in this case? Pay attention to your child on simple physical exercises. It only takes 15-20 minutes. The daily diet of exercise can include squatting, bending, running and walking. All of this will enhance the strength and adds vitality.

Step 4:

Another piece of advice on this subject. If you see that your child is not very interested in sports, you should not start moralizing speeches. Maybe your child is gifted creative abilities, and then we should send him to art school, theater workshop, in a molding section, origami, dancing.