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Is it possible to get pregnant with twins specifically?

In a world with the number of twins is increasing every year. Increasingly, you can see a cute couple children dressed alike and their proud parents. The children - twins, no doubt, are of interest. Someone saw them, touched by someone horrified by presenting the trouble that they deliver to their parents. Some girls start dreaming about how to get pregnant with twins. Is it possible to get pregnant with twins specifically?

Is it possible to get pregnant with twins specifically? Of course, 100% way to become pregnant with twins do not. But it is possible to increase your chances of it. To begin with a look at how the twins appear. Odnoyaitsevye monochorionic twins are born, which are very similar, almost identical in the uterus when one fertilized egg divides into two as a result of the twins are born. The mechanism of this division scientists are not yet fully known. The second option of twins - a fertilization of multiple eggs, in this case children may be quite unlike one another, ie to two eggs in the uterus develop in parallel... The easiest and most effective way to conceive twins - is to become pregnant during the so-called "withdrawal", ie, first taking hormonal contraceptives, and then stop and conceive in the first month after the lifting of contraception... So accidentally pregnant with two children of so many women, this is due to the fact that hormonal contraception suppresses the activity of eggs, and when the woman stops taking it, the egg activity increases many times, that's the background of this activity, and developing multiple pregnancy. The next way to get pregnant with twins - is IVF (in vitro fertilization), when the uterus podsazhivayut several eggs. Most often develops only one, but it also happens that survives a few. The rest of the methods have very little chance of success. It is said that to help get pregnant with twins is a special diet that includes lean meat, game, poultry, fish, fatty cheeses and fruit. You can also drink folic acid, try to conceive twins in the summer, when the reproductive capacity of greater than or become pregnant while breastfeeding, lactation chance to "double hit" more. It is worth remembering that all these methods do not guarantee 100% results, and will you have twins or not, first of all, depends on your natural predisposition and destiny. Light to you and happy pregnancy! P.S. This article was prepared on the basis of personal experience, as well as a large number of online and offline sources, studied twins during pregnancy and in the upbringing of twins.