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Is it worth it to plan births in Phuket?

Planning children, many parents are seriously thinking about labor abroad. The favorable climate of Thailand, the spirit of freedom, reasonable prices, good infrastructure and a wide range of services in Phuket contribute to the creation of a strong and healthy family.

Is it worth it to plan births in Phuket?

Medicine in Phuket and in Thailand as a whole is at a very high level. Therefore, you should not worry about the quality of services and professionalism of doctors. Popularity delivery is confirmed by statistics in Phuket Phuket International Hospital, where 80% of children born to foreigners, and half of them are Russian.

Because of the stereotypes about Asia and the developing world, some parents may think that they will be offered on Phuket birth in the jungle, and instead of anesthesia forced to recite mantras and meditation. In reality, childbirth Thai can be called one of the most conservative. If a woman wants to try something new, the Samitivej Hospital in Bangkok will be able to organize labor in the water, but under close medical supervision.

Phuket Hospitals offer modern women choose natural childbirth or Caesarean section. Thai women are more likely to prefer the latter method in the presence of medical indications. For childbirth in a natural way doctors offer epidural anesthesia, which could cost the expectant mother in an additional 10-15 thousand baht. Almost all hospitals have generic packages, which are available at a discount of up to 32 weeks of pregnancy. Usually they include:

services of an obstetrician and pediatrician; payment of medical services; rental delivery room and equipment; payment of hospital and nutrition; medicines and vaccinations of the newborn; child care and the necessary laboratory examinations; services of the Russian-speaking interpreter.

Parents can also pay for prenatal package that in public hospitals can reach 5-10 million baht, and in private clinics dispensed in 37-150 thousand baht. Practically the only difference will be the absence of interpreter services to Russian and poor knowledge of the English language in public health institutions.

At discharge from the hospital, parents give gifts and issue a birth certificate in the Thai language, which can be translated for an additional charge English. However, parents should be aware that birth in the territory of the kingdom does not authorize or any advantages for a residence permit or citizenship. Therefore birth in Phuket with a view to immigration can not be considered.