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Linking clothes for Barbie

Barbie doll - famous fashionista, so like any girl, fashion-conscious, it should be a lot of dresses. Usually you can buy clothes in stores, sewn from fabric, but you can dress and tie. Moreover, in order to link it to take a little bit of yarn remnants. However, in this exciting class has its own characteristics.

Linking clothes for Barbie

You will need:

- thread "Iris" 30 g; - threads "Molyneux" two-ply 5-6 skeins; - Knitting needles № 1-1,2; - Hook: №1,0 and 0.5.

Instruction how to knit clothes for Barbie

Step 1:

YubkaNaberite in the spokes 50 loops of the auxiliary thread and knit three rows, then knit 40 rows stocking st thread "Iris". Cut web width twice. Thus, the spokes must remain 25 loops. Knit one more row. Next knit crochet skirt belt for open loops. Knit two rows of columns without nakida, from the back edge knit five loops with two rows of columns without nakida for fasteners. Otparte skirt through the wet gauze. Then tie the lace of the skirt. For this shoot forth auxiliary thread, open loop pull on the needles and knit them a hook on the two loops together, connect them temples of three air loops. Next knit lace pattern on the cloth pattern on a circle floss thread in two additions. Sew up the back seam bandaged crochet skirt edges. Sew a small button or Velcro. On the wrong side of the seam otparte. Decorate product with artificial flowers and ribbons.

Step 2:

TopNitkami "Iris" make a chain of 30 stitches and knit crochet number 1 two rows of columns without nakida. Next, take the hook number 0.5 and knit "Molyneux" two-ply arches of three air loops. Then knit sixth of napkins pattern element. The sides of the tie hook number 1 thread "Iris" columns without nakida. Sew Velcro fasteners for.

Step 3:

ShlyapaSvyazhite hook number 1 chain of six stitches and enclose in the ring. Then knit in a circle 8 bars without nakida and one air loop for lifting. Further, in every second of the previous row knit on two columns without nakida (get 12 loops). In the next row, add six columns, knit so, until you have 36 columns. Then add three columns. The diameter of the bottoms should be 3-3.5 cm. Then knit about five rows for the crown, not adding. To add fields 12 columns without nakida, knit 3 rows, up by six columns. Then knit lace napkin pattern field. Hats podkrahmalte her to keep in shape.

Step 4:

SumkaObraz will not be complete if you do not supplement it with a cute handbag. Make a chain of 18 stitches and knit 15 columns without nakida hook number 1. Then go to the hook number 0.5 and knit seven arches of three air loops. Then knit a lace pattern of the cloth. Tie the second piece bags the same way. Fold the details and tie them with a hook. To make the handle a chain of 20 aerial loops.