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List of the first things for a newborn

Even before the birth of the baby expectant mothers begin to cook him a dowry. If this is the first child in the family, it is often the first choice of things for a newborn becomes rather difficult thing. You can find various lists of what you need to be at first the baby, but often they have a lot of extra things that most mothers simply do not come in handy.

List of the first things for a newborn 1. Large household purchases House each have a place to sleep. It definitely need baby. For the first time, you can buy for a newborn bassinet, but because her baby will grow very fast, so buy cribs for most couples will be the best solution. It is best to fit the baby cot without the most ordinary pendulum swayed and other devices (if you certainly do not want to then wean the child from the night swings). The bed is desirable to buy bumpers to the newborn could not hit the wall. Canopy can be indispensable in the summer, when the need to protect the baby from the bothersome insects, at other times, he will soon fulfill a decorative function and collect the excess dust. For sleeping baby will need to buy a hard mattress, two sets of bed linen, delicate and warm blankets, oilcloth on the elastic band. Pillow for the first year of life the child is not needed, it can successfully perform the role folded in several layers of diaper. A month or two after the birth of the baby will begin to actively learn about the world, so a crib can be set musical mobile. He will be able to carry away the newborn for a while, or even to help his mother in lying down at night. Things newborn desirable to keep away from clothing adult family members, so it is useful to the presence in the chest room. He may have Langering boards in the set, so the expectant mother will be convenient to change clothes and carry the baby hygiene. A good acquisition in the first month of life becomes a chaise longue or the child swings. These devices can be carried around the house that will allow mom to do business, not separated from the baby. The main thing that was available to the horizontal position data items. In the future, it may be useful baby educational mat with toys. In the waking periods, most children will be happy to spend time in it.