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My husband does not want to have a child: how to make

The decision on the birth of a child must take both spouses, but men less than women tend to extend the kind. Instead of scandals and quarrels cunning make him want the baby.

My husband does not want to have a child: how to make

Instruction husband does not want to have a child: how to make

Step 1:

Respect his opinion. Even if your husband very frustrating position, not scandals, blackmail is not a man, and do not drop cruel words. Childbirth serious step, and it takes some time to decide on it. You can help her husband, pushing to take the right decision.

Step 2:

Do not try to become pregnant, thinking, "then get used to." A large burden of responsibility had fallen on unprepared man can coerce it to the care of the family. And if you will, the idea of ​​"unwanted" child may pursue him for a long time.

Step 3:

Find out the reasons why he does not want children. For standard excuses about lack of money and unavailability often hides a secret reason. It may be uncertainty in the forces, the fear of being forgotten favorite or serious intention to never have children. In each case, you need to find an individual approach to choose the right words and to deliver man from his fears.

Step 4:

Walk with her husband to visit, where there are children. Make arrangements with friends who already have a child that visit them. Podgadat time when the baby is in a good mood, not capricious and is configured to communicate. Men easier to communicate with the grown children, aged 3-4 years. After talking with the baby, talking to his father, your husband may himself wish to have a child.

Step 5:

Enlist the support of family and friends. Parents may wish to men ponyanchitsya with grandchildren. Talk to his loved ones, ask, ask for help, perhaps, their opinion will be decisive.

Step 6:

Hurry it. If the cause of delay in unavailability, remind her husband about his biological clock. Every year it is getting older, there are problems with health. To conceive a healthy and strong baby easier at a young age.