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Newborn Care: Myths and Reality

There are many myths about babies, which are often complicate life for young mothers. Some of them are absurd, and some are very similar to the truth. But they both scare the parents, who were preparing for one, and see something else.

Newborn Care: Myths and Reality

Urgently come up with new ways to interact with the baby, change their behavior and outlook on life in general, has to those who fell victim to the myths of the newborn. Much better to be prepared for what you might expect.

Unfortunately, the child still can not tell what he wants. Let us not listen to those lovely neighbors who tell you that:

Newborn babies should always sleep

Well, firstly, they still do not have anything to anyone, and secondly, all children are different. There are fans to sleep 20 hours a day, but there are well, very little. Each person from birth has the temperament, and later character. And these factors largely determine the change of sleep and wakefulness. If your child is calm and active, then it is enough to sleep less. 

Newborn need to dress warmly

For a long time doctors and moms know "shout" that overheating worse hypothermia. But the desire to wrap the baby so much that young parents, and particularly young grandmother, do not hear anyone. Overheating leads to sweating, sweating to the fact that the child is frozen in a humid, wet and sometimes outright clothing and cold. In this connection the next time it even warmer clothes. Vicious circle. Which include first means of cough, and then antibiotics. Because of the healthy child we get chronically sick. On average, a child must be in 1 layer of clothing more than on an adult. Determine whether or not the baby is cold on the back of the neck. If it is cold - cold baby when wet and hot - a child is overheated.

Newborns always cry

No. The kid can not do anything at all times. Yes, sometimes he would cry and this is the norm. The child may cry for 5 reasons: he wants to eat, he wants to drink, he wants to sleep, he had something hurts or ... just because. But basically, if it does not hurt, it is full and dry, he is quite able to stay in a good mood. Especially if it is in the arms of mom or dad who communicate with him.

The newborn did not see or hear

It is very strange that the baby in the belly mother hears everything, and when it is born, it becomes deaf. In fact, a child simply does not care about background noise. They are for him still carry no meaning, because he does not respond even to the sound of a vacuum cleaner. He got used to it in utero. But the vision is different. The stomach does not look too much on that, there is the baby with closed eyes. After birth, the eyes need to adjust to the new situation and "learn to look". First, the child distinguishes between dark and light spots, then learns to distinguish between colors. And the outlines of objects become clearer.

All newborns are diaper rash, and this is the norm

There is nothing normal in no diaper rash. This delicate baby skin reaction to any stimulus. For example, the absence of sweat and skin airing, wrong cream, sharply smelling diaper. the reason it is necessary to find and eliminate. If the child is happy with everything, it is not chafing.