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Nimbler. What to consider when buying?

The first analogs nimblera appeared long ago. Previously, he was not prepared to sell something similar in the stores themselves and our mothers and grandmothers. We used this typically gauze. It placed pieces of food, and then tied the cloth and gave the child.

Nimbler. What to consider when buying?

In our time, the deficit with a choice of convenient accessories for baby no. On the contrary, due to the large number of offerings on the market children's products, the parents often wonder what to look for when buying.

Nimblery may vary between a form of the handle and the material of construction of the mesh. Note that the handle has a grooved and rubberised. Such a device is easy to hold the baby.

Strainer can be nylon, and can be silicone. Strainer Nylon eventually loses its appearance darkens. It simply replaced by purchasing a new mesh. Silicone strainer more resistant to wear.

It makes sense to buy a model with a lid. When closed, the nimbler be protected from contamination. This option is convenient to carry in a bag to take to the road.

Be sure to get information on the packaging about the children how old the appliance is. Some models are made for children by the year, others are designed for an earlier age.

We choose the device that will be in close contact with the child. It makes sense to choose a nimbler, which is produced by a proven, they say, "the name." In the market of children's goods, there are foreign and Russian firms.