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Nuances of the first foods

Not every parent can afford to buy good expensive canned foods for the first child. Therefore, in order not to buy canned goods of poor quality, you can perfectly cope without them.

Nuances of the first foods

The first solid foods is very important to enter correctly. No need to force a child to eat if he refuses. No need to give exotic foods, citrus fruits.

Lure you can start with 5 to 6 months. For the first time you can try to stretch their banana puree and on the tip of a spoon to your baby. Of course, the kid will wince, it's a new taste for it. And so you can give apples, pears. In the first two weeks of solid foods should be given once a day. 

Also, try to give dairy products. Cottage cheese is very good for the digestive system. You can buy yogurt, buy a variety of yeast, dairy products and cooking yourself. The curds can add grated fruit will taste better "store".

Juices and other drinks, too, can prepare their own meals at home. For the first time you do not need to squeeze a lot of juice and do not necessarily have this juicer. Suffice it to rub on a grater any fruit or vegetable, and then wrapped in cheesecloth and squeeze out the juice obtained mass. Then, dilute and drink some water baby. All this can be done with apple, pear, and with, and any other fruit. From vegetables, you can choose the beets and carrots.

Porridge is also possible to cook in the first days of feeding. The very first, semolina. It is necessary to cook it in milk to get sparse. That's how you can do without purchased canned food and juices.