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Obesity in children and adolescents

The current generation is seriously confronted with the problem of childhood obesity. What are the causes of this phenomenon and methods to prevent it?

Obesity in children and adolescents

Obesity - a body fat accumulation in excess. Childhood obesity is characterized by an imbalance of the ratio of the mass of the child's height by more than 15 percent of normal. Completeness and obesity can contribute to strengthening and diseases such as diabetes, hypertension children. Also increases the load on the joints. But one of the main problems of child and adolescent obesity are social and psychological problems that are associated with difficulty establishing contact, here also applies low self-esteem of the child.

No any single cause, causes childhood obesity. Obesity in children is caused by a whole set of reasons: these include poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, psychological problems. One of the main reasons is the discrepancy amount of energy produced and consumed calories. That is, the child gets a lot more calories than you have time to spend in the course of physical activity, life and metabolism.

An important role in childhood obesity, heredity plays. Children whose parents are overweight are more prone to obesity. In addition to genetic predisposition, here can be attributed to the fact that parents are a child serves a bad example of excessive consumption of food. If you have the right food, to observe the regime of the day, to engage in physical activity, the child will follow suit. Then the problems with obesity can be eliminated.

Another cause of obesity in children is lack of sleep, lack of exercise, wrong mode of the day. Parents need to be sure to see to it that the child does not sit up late at the computer. If the problem is still there, the child needs exercise to help burn extra calories. You also need to adhere to a strict diet, which must appoint a physician.

You can not starve the child hunger, or around the limit, it can cause stress and health problems. You can simply reduce the amount of calories consumed, move to a more healthy diet. If you observe the regime of work and rest, follow the diet, but also to be objective in relation to the child, then the problem of obesity step aside. If it is hereditary, to get rid of obesity can be achieved by conventional exercise and proper nutrition. In addition, be sure to consult a dietitian, it is also a good idea to consult a psychologist, as often obesity in children and adolescents is directly related to psychological problems.