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Oh, those five-year plan, or how to make a five-year child to obey

Five years in a child psychology - the special period. Approximately 47% of parents indicated that their once obedient children to five years started to behave in a deliberately provocative: frills, grimacing and capricious. This behavior is due to a sharp transition preschool activities at the preparatory school, when parents unconsciously indicate the child in his growing up: "You have a big, you soon to school", etc. To cope with the crisis of five years can be, if you follow some tips.

Oh, those five-year plan, or how to make a five-year child to obey

1. Method responses deployed. Parents force employment dismiss endless children's questions "Why?" Snapped: "Do not know", "because we need" or "You should." Try to patiently and deployed to respond to the question of available words (but without the "baby talk"). Remember that the period of childhood odnomomenten, appreciate every moment of communication with the child.

2. Method harping situation. For a child of five leading form of training is still playing activity. Instead of punishment for disobedience or blackmail ( "Do not buy you a toy", etc.), try to beat the rules of conduct by a child's favorite characters. For example, the baby refuses to eat or behaves badly at the table. Conspiratorial voice whisper: "Do you know the knight Code (Princess, etc.)? So, the code states that for every self-respecting knight (any hero or heroine) is silent at the table and eats everything on a plate, as for the good works you need a lot of energy! ".

3. The method of role reversal. It has an incredible effect a change of roles "adult-child." Entrust the child role of an adult - ask to do something important for you or teach anything. For example: "Can you imagine, I forgot (and) how to behave in the store! Do you know anything about these rules? "Or" I'm so tired (a) for the day on the job, help me to collect your toys? ", Etc. It's amazing how seriously children are suitable for the implementation of adult instructions. Any whims forgotten immediately, and a child with a serious face is to perform "mission", which was entrusted to him.