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Why A Child Does Not Speak

Why a child does not speak

In recent years, pediatricians, psychologists and speech therapists note constant growth of speech pathology in children. Sometimes parents just do not know how normal it is to develop in children at different ages. Or believe that these problems with the pronunciation of will by themselves, and eventually the child will speak well.

in this issue…

How To Treat Diarrhea For Children

How to treat diarrhea for children

Diarrhea in children - a frequent phenomenon. This is why many parents do not particularly worry when their offspring might be such a nuisance. Well, think! Soon it will pass by itself. But in no case can not treat this lightly. Relentless statistics show: from diseases associated with diarrhea die each year 5 million children.…

How To Stop Feeding The Child

How to stop feeding the child

Despite the fact that breastfeeding provides all the needs of a newborn, sooner or later, the day comes when the child must be weaned from the breast. Stop feeding the child is not so easy, but if you stick to certain rules, the baby will bring separation from loved product easier.

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How To Choose A Bed For A Child

How to choose a bed for a child

Sofa for a child - it's not only his bed, space for games, reading and other activities, but the real big toy. Sofa must like the baby, to be his friend.

Instruction how to choose a bed for a child

Step 1:

The first thing you should look for when choosing a sofa for…

How To Treat Warts In Children

How to treat warts in children

Warts are small growths or dense non-inflamed nodules that resemble skin tumor. The reason for their occurrence is a group of human papilloma virus. Most often, the disease is transmitted through shared objects and by direct contact with other patients. The most common warts appear on the face and hands. There are many painless treatment…

How To Wear Grudnichka

How to wear grudnichka

Infants tend to spend most of their time at the hands of her mother, to feel her closeness. If the child is dissatisfied with something and crying, he was always calm my mother's arms. There are several common ways of carrying infants.

Instruction how to wear grudnichka

Step 1:

The first version was captured on many paintings and…

How To Cope With Nausea During Pregnancy

How to cope with nausea during pregnancy

Pregnancy - a very happy and exciting time in a woman's life. But often it is overshadowed by the beginning of some ailments that bring a lot of trouble, not only the woman herself, but also to others. According to statistics, three out of four pregnant women in the first trimester test in the…

How To Listen To The Fetal Heartbeat

How to listen to the fetal heartbeat

Various techniques are commonly used to assess the fetal heart. For example, electrocardiography, phonocardiography, antenatal cardiotocography and, of course, auscultation, listening gynecologist on the couch.

Instruction how to listen to the fetal heartbeat

Step 1:

Refer to the gynecologist, depending on gestational age, he will appoint a method of listening to the heartbeat of the…

How To Teach Your Child To Tell The Truth

How to teach your child to tell the truth

Among the many pitfalls in the education of one of the most distressing is the children a lie. Even if the parents are willing to use the "white lie", their children are likely to become demand honesty - at least in relation to itself. How to teach your child to tell the…

How To Teach A Child To Eat With A Spoon Yourself

How to teach a child to eat with a spoon yourself

The ability to use a spoon and fork and eat on their own - it's just self-service skills that the child should acquire by the end of the first - the beginning of the second year of life. Not always are these skills the baby easily.

Instruction how to teach…

What To Choose Porridge For The First Feeding

What to choose porridge for the first feeding

Now in stores a huge number of children represented by cereals, including instant cereals suitable for first feeding. Prices very different, there are cereals more expensive, there are cheaper. Consider a few well-known manufacturers of cereals average price category. Let's see, is it always associated price and quality.

We consider porridge mid-range, about…

Why Express Milk After Feeding

Why express milk after feeding

Breastfeeding is a very important moment in the life of mother and child. It allows the child to get a balanced composition of nutrients. But the volume of milk up for the daily needs of the crumbs, lactation should be stimulated and this is regularly express breast.

Expressing breast is a prerequisite for normal lactation. It…

How To Teach A Child Does Not Wake Up At Night

How to teach a child does not wake up at night

Instead of hard to sleep after a day of activities, your baby wakes up at night and constantly asks to drink, eat or play? Try to calm the baby before going to bed nervous system and provide him with a deep sound sleep by using the following tips.

Instruction how…

How To Serve A Children'S Table

How to serve a children's table

It is important to teach a child to childhood etiquette, ability to see the beauty and love. Therefore, in preparation for the children's holidays need to think not only entertainment, refreshments and room decoration, but also serving a special table.

Instruction serve as a children's table

Step 1:

If you want your child to be able…

How To Determine The Date Of Birth, Date Of Conception

How to determine the date of birth, date of conception

All expectant parents are concerned about the date of the appearance of a baby into the world. Someone planning this in advance. There are several ways to calculate the day of the appearance of the child. In the women's clinic obstetrician makes a few calculations (on the day of the last…

How To Choose A Developmental Mat

How to choose a developmental mat

Today, shops with goods for children offer a huge number of all kinds of educational toys. Often the parents' attention is paid to children's counselors mats, which contribute to the development of the baby in several directions. But do not rush to take the first available product, and look closely to all the proposed options.…

How To Choose A Baby Name

How to choose a baby name

Choosing a name for a baby has always been a difficult task. On this occasion, collect family councils, sometimes heated debate going on for months. Yet sooner or later you have to stop at some variant.

Instruction how to choose a baby name

Step 1:

Firstly, the name must be in varying degrees to arrange all…

How To Change A Diaper

How to change a diaper

Newborn baby in the middle need to change diapers more than ten times a day. On how correctly and accurately it will be done depends on the child's comfort, so it is important for new parents to learn how to swaddle your newborn.

You will need:

- changing table or board; - Diaper; - Dishes with warm…

How To Keep Your Teeth During Pregnancy

How to keep your teeth during pregnancy

It has long been known that dental problems during pregnancy, alas, can not be avoided. The destruction of the enamel during gestation baby is normal. With proper oral care at this time and the right nutrition you keep your teeth intact.

Instruction how to keep your teeth during pregnancy

Step 1:

KaltsiyDlya prevent loss and…

Removing The Nose Swelling Of The Child

Removing the nose swelling of the child

Remove the nose swelling that is a symptom of the common cold, the child is more difficult than in the adult - to appoint child vasoconstrictor drugs should only doctor. To eliminate the swelling in the nose can be used folk methods of treatment, but even it is desirable to pre-agreed with the pediatrician.…

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