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How To Get Rid Of Toxicity During Pregnancy

How to get rid of toxicity during pregnancy

Toxemia is a problem many pregnant women. There are two kinds of deviations: early (appears in the early stages of pregnancy) and late (developing in the second half of pregnancy). Causes of toxicity may be hormonal changes that occur in the body of the future mother. Also it plays an important role genetic…

How To Turn A Child

How to turn a child

Usually 34-35 weeks of pregnancy the fetus takes place in a cephalic presentation. It is most favorable since birth in this case occur predictably. Sometimes it takes a wrong position of the fetus: cross or pelvic. This may complicate the course of childbirth, so it is recommended to do special exercises for turning the child.


How To Give

How to give "Suprastin" infants

This rather unpleasant taste drug as "Suprastin" quite difficult to persuade to accept the child, not only pre-school, and even school age. In that case he was appointed infants, parents have several questions. How to divide the tablet and comply with dosage and, of course, how to give "Suprastin" baby.

You will need:

- tablet "suprastin"; -…

How To Start Complementary Feeding With Cereals

How to start complementary feeding with cereals

Everything connected with the kids, always a lot of worries and doubts, especially among young mothers. In particular this applies to foods. When to start? Where to begin? Buy ready-made meals in cans or cooking the most? And then there's a bunch of advisers as grandmothers, doctors and friends. When planning a lure, it…

How To Tell Children About God

How to tell children about God

An adult is not always ready to talk to the divine subject with children. All the space in which man lives, imbued with religious symbols - monuments of architecture, painting, music, literature. Bypassing religious questions in silence, you are depriving children of the opportunity to know the cultural and spiritual experience that mankind has accumulated.…

How To Feed Year-Old Child

How to feed year-old child

The diet of a year already quite broad. Children with interest glances and the parent table, but we can not give in to provocations and let the taste of chocolate or fried potatoes. Power-year-old child should be balanced and rational, gradually extending from completely rubbed consistency.

Instruction how to feed year-old child

Step 1:

In preparing for…

How To Take The Child From The Hospital

How to take the child from the hospital

Then came the long-awaited moment, and just a few hours later the young mother and the newborn will be at home. Both are healthy, all of them in order, and can only safely deliver them from the hospital. Now there are few who come to mind to walk, well, except that the hospital…

How To Motivate The Child To Physical Education

How to motivate the child to physical education

Regular physical exercise - one of the most important factors of health of the child. Unfortunately, the level of sports training of children leaves much to be desired in recent years. State plan to open new branches and schools of Olympic reserve, which is gradually gaining momentum, still does not solve the whole…

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