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How To Teach Your Child To Keep His Head

How to teach your child to keep his head

In the first year of baby's life comes the acquisition of many skills - fixing eyes, holding head, crawl, the ability to sit, stand and walk. They can judge the timeliness of child development, which entirely depends on the parents to ensure the baby proper care, proper nutrition and physical strengthening of…

How Should Gain Weight A Child Under One Year

How should gain weight a child under one year

During the first year of a child's life every month examines the pediatrician. One of the mandatory procedures is weighing. According to the results the doctor concludes that, as the baby is gaining weight and whether the additional power it needs. You can self-assess your baby's weight gain.

You will need:

- Libra…

How To Treat The Child From The Heat

How to treat the child from the heat

High body temperature in a child - the strongest stress for parents, especially when it comes to newborn. Heat can talk about the imperfection of the immune system and other body systems. The kid with the capricious, cry, does not respond to the requests of adults sluggish.

Instruction how to treat the child…

How To Measure The Pressure Of The Child

How to measure the pressure of the child

Measuring blood pressure - a very important and necessary procedure, not only for adults but also for children. Her doctor holds in violation of the cardiovascular, urinary, respiratory, and other indications. Children are also encouraged to measure the pressure and as a preventive measure.

Instruction how to measure the pressure of the child


How To Celebrate The Birth Of His Son

How to celebrate the birth of his son

Each person is a holiday once a year, when the dream is accomplished, when the possibility of miracles, when the bubbling joy without limits. Of course, this Birthday! As a rule, prepare the holiday family and friends people. Prepare for the child, in this case, for the son. What should be done so…

How To Not Gain Much Weight During Pregnancy

How to not gain much weight during pregnancy

In pregnancy, a small weight gain is natural. But wrong to think that at this time you need to eat for two, your weight can significantly increase, threatening possible complications.

Instruction how to not gain much weight during pregnancy

Step 1:

Control your appetite. It is difficult, because during pregnancy the body needs food.…

How To Enter A Child In A Passport

How to enter a child in a passport

One decade ago the children necessarily fit into their parent's passport to the registrar office, where the decorations for the first child document - birth certificate. Now, in order to do this, you will have to contact the passport office area, no matter in Russia or passport you want to enter the child.…

Low Hemoglobin In Infants

Low hemoglobin in infants

Very often in infants exhibit low levels of hemoglobin. In such cases, mothers need to urgently take action, because the delay is quite dangerous.

Low hemoglobin in the baby may show different symptoms: primary and secondary. The primary features include: loss of appetite, persistent weakness, fatigue, poor general condition grudnichka.

Further progression of the disease can be…

If A Child Has An Idol

If a child has an idol

If the child appeared idol, parents need to know how to behave properly, to his fascination with the star, or fictional character not turned into fanaticism.

Instruction If your child has an idol

Step 1:

In every age the children their idols. Kids charms courage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and agility of Spider-Man. Students admire actors…

Holding The Newborn Column

Holding the newborn column

Many young moms and dads especially afraid to take the baby in her arms. He looks so fragile, it is awkward to turn - and it may be irreparable. But to take the baby in her arms still have, and the better to secure parental hands that mean for the baby very much, without trembling.

Instruction how…

How Do I Know The Shoe Size Of The Child

How do I know the shoe size of the child

If your baby is still quite small, and his feet are already in need of shoes, it is not worth anyone's guess what size your feet crumbs. There are several ways to find out the size of your baby's shoes.

Instruction how do you know the size of baby shoes

Step 1:…

How To Apply The Cream For Diaper

How to apply the cream for diaper

Delicate baby skin needs special care. Particular attention should be paid to its sites, which are under the diaper. To protect the baby's skin use cream under the diaper, it is important to choose the right and his cause.

Instruction how to apply the cream for diaper

Step 1:

Most manufacturers of children's cosmetics creams…

As Called Twin Girls

As called twin girls

You adorable little girl twins, even those crumbs, and are so much alike! Still, you will notice as they are, each in its own way, wrinkled forehead, smiling, stretching. And it would be desirable that the selected names were ideally suited to girls, emphasizing their differences, but pointing out that they are - twins. And others remembered…

How To Accustom The Baby To The Regime

How to accustom the baby to the regime

Baby Care includes two directions. First - it is necessary the creation of an optimal environment for the living baby, and the second - a direct daily maintenance of the little man needs. Only adapt to the new-born, you will be able to help him adjust their needs to a certain rhythm.


Psychological Problems After Delivery And Methods For Their Solution

Psychological problems after delivery and methods for their solution

In the first year after giving birth a woman is experiencing serious psychological difficulties. Very often it is pursuing obsessive fears and desires. This usually occurs when the birth was first. Something always hurts the young mother and she does not feel the happiness of motherhood.

The first thing that most torments…

How To Cope With Tantrums Child

How to cope with tantrums child

Young parents may be difficult to realize that beating in hysterics child - is the result of their own education. But it must be done if the tantrums are part of a daily ritual. Patience and unity of the requirements - these are the main trump cards of parents in this situation.

Instruction how to…

How To Strengthen The Child'S Immune System

How to strengthen the child's immune system

Healthy baby - a dream of every normal parent. Mom and dad, wanting their child to less sick, trying to solve one very important question: "How to strengthen the child's immune system?" My parents are racking their brains, not understanding why their Dimochka sick six times a year, and the son of an alcoholic…

What Books To Read Like Teenagers

What books to read like teenagers

You should start with the question that emerges from the title - and whether teenagers do read? The interest in literature among school children in recent years falls with extraordinary speed. However, reading the guys they have always been. Another question - how to determine the scope of adolescence. Increasingly, teachers say that the modern…

How To Sew A Ball Gown For Girls

How to sew a ball gown for girls

Every girl secretly dreams of becoming a princess, despite the fact that in reality it is impossible to be. However, it can feel yourself in the role of princess, wearing a beautiful ball gown and jewelry. Sew a dress in which the child will be able to dance freely and not feel uncomfortable…

What You Need To Extract

What you need to extract

Extract from the hospital with the baby - an exciting event. And the young mother at this point want to look neat and tidy and beautiful. Therefore, think in advance what kind of things you need and crumbs. Because then you're not just going to review the statement photographs, which show all your happy family.


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