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How To Protect Your Child From Disease In Kindergarten

How to protect your child from disease in kindergarten

Giving the kid in kindergarten, my mother worried that he will pick up any infection and sick. To many diseases passed by your child, and he felt cheerful and fun, take advance measures to strengthen their health.

Instruction how to protect a child from disease in kindergarten

Step 1:

In kindergarten, the disease…

How To Help Your Child To Communicate In Social Networks

How to help your child to communicate in social networks

Parents can no longer separate their children from the computer and from social networking. Many people try to prohibit and restrict the time of your stay at the computer, but prevent them from communicating with friends on Facebook or Odnoklassniki, they are unlikely. Perhaps more reasonable to help children quickly learn…

How To Celebrate The Birth Of A Child In Donetsk

How to celebrate the birth of a child in Donetsk

Interesting holiday for my birthday for a child can be arranged not only in the capital city or in another city. In cities such as Donetsk, there are also many opportunities for the organization of children's activities.

Instruction how to celebrate a child's birthday Donetsk

Step 1:

Organize your holiday home. This…

How Does The 13 Week Of Pregnancy

How does the 13 week of pregnancy

On the thirteenth week of pregnancy begins the second trimester. It means that passed one third of the way, as well as behind the most dangerous period of childbearing associated with implantation and the formation of the placenta, when there is the highest number of abortions.

If morning sickness in some women has not…

How To Wear The Belt For Pregnant Women

How to wear the belt for pregnant women

Today created a lot of devices for a comfortable pregnancy. To reduce the strain on the back, to create a sense of security, as well as for the prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy 24-28 weeks, the women are prescribed to wear a special support belt.

You will need:

- band for pregnant women,…

How To Swaddle A Newborn Baby

How to swaddle a newborn baby

Swaddling a newborn - a very easy and simple matter. However, many mothers it causes excitement, and even a sense of fear. Women who gave birth to first child, explain it to his inexperience. A mother, who already have children, justified by the fact that just forgotten how to do it. In modern hospitals practiced,…

How Can Change The Requirements For The Transport Of Children

How can change the requirements for the transport of children

Apparently, the Russian State Duma in the next session to approve bills that complement existing rules on the transport of children. These changes in the law have been prepared by the Russian Ministry of Communications and published on its website in the form of two draft resolutions of the Government.


How To Celebrate A Child'S Birthday

How to celebrate a child's birthday

Birthday - the most cheerful holiday in the world. The morning starts with a kid my mother a kiss, with sweet cake grandmother, congratulations to Pope. And then the whole day in the house of a noise, because the child's friends turn the apartment into a flock of wild jungle with monkeys, which is about…

How To Choose A Home Inflatable Trampoline

How to choose a home inflatable trampoline

Needless to say about the use of inflatable trampolines for physical development of the child. Relatively recently in vogue for children mini-trampolines that can fit in the most ordinary room city apartment. When choosing a home inflatable trampoline should be guided by several considerations.

Instruction how to choose a home inflatable trampoline

Step 1:


How To Prevent Pregnancy

How to prevent pregnancy

The news about the future replenishment of the family is not always welcome, so protection from unwanted pregnancy is important for many women of childbearing age. To subsequently had to decide what to do with the unexpected gift of fate, you need to think about it in advance.

You will need:

- condoms; - birth control pills.


How To Treat Tooth Decay In Baby

How to treat tooth decay in baby

Dentists are often faced with a situation where the parents do not consider it necessary to treat caries of deciduous teeth, believing that they will soon fall out spontaneously. However, initial caries should be treated, not looking at the fact that after a while the child there is a change of milk teeth for…

How To Open A Family Daycare

How to open a family daycare

In every city in Russia there is an acute shortage of places in kindergartens. Many young parents who do not want to leave his career once and for all, this factor stems from the expansion of the family. Parents not wanting to defend in turns increasingly prefer family kindergartens for several years.

Instruction how to…

How To Feed A Child

How to feed a child

To avoid health problems and behavior, it is necessary to feed the baby. Your baby is growing every day and develops, explores the world around. In the six to nine month old baby with pleasure tasting the different foods he eats cookies and the steering wheel, holding in his hand, trying to drink from a cup,…

How To Normalize The Child'S Chair

How to normalize the child's chair

The breakdown of the chair is a common problem in children during the first three years of life. Constipation - the most common form of the disorder. However, many parents do not know, the child suffers from constipation or its condition is normal. As a result, treatment (or, alternatively, omission) results in complications.

You will…

What They Take With Them To The Hospital

What they take with them to the hospital

Expectant mother and her family in anticipation of the holiday, which will give the hospital are kindly requested to take care of all the components of this exciting event. It is important to all: the willingness of documents, the selection of the right things for the pregnant woman and the unborn baby, well…

How To Determine That Climb Teeth

How to determine that climb teeth

The appearance of the first milk teeth - the most important stage in your baby's life. Their eruption direct evidence that the body is preparing to expand the crumbs diet due to solid food. However, the eruption of the process is not always smooth and painless. Most children in this period, become irritable and moody,…

How To Recognize The Early Signs Of Pregnancy

How to recognize the early signs of pregnancy

Determine pregnancy certainly possible only by means of the test, ultrasound and a pelvic exam. However, none of the women do not have a desire to use them without the appearance of strange symptoms not typical of the normal state. That's on them and then we can assume the interesting position. But it…

How To Leave The Child With Her Grandmother

How to leave the child with her grandmother

For various reasons, parents are forced to resort to the help of the grandmothers. This may be the case for work, going to the doctor or just a romantic evening alone with her husband. Basically grandmother happily agree to help and sit with their grandchildren, because they also want to interact with the…

How To Treat A Yeast Infection In The Mouth Child

How to treat a yeast infection in the mouth child

When the symptoms of thrush in the mouth of a child, you should first consult your pediatrician, who will confirm or disprove the existence of the disease and prescribe the best treatment. Depending on the age and condition of the child, improvement occurs after 1-3 days, and complete recovery - after…

How To Explain To A Child What A Rainbow

How to explain to a child what a rainbow

In the preschool and early school age children undergo a stage of psychological and mental development, accompanied by great interest to the knowledge of the outside world. And they seek to satisfy their curiosity in the form of questions to the parents about the world. And the mother and father of the…

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