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How To Write A Fairy Tale

How to write a fairy tale

This child does not like to listen to or read a fairy tale? No wonder that in all ages of the genre works were composed in significant quantities. You can also write a story for their children if desired.

Instruction how to write a fairy tale

Step 1:

Always start any work with inventing tales of…

How Original Gift Baby Gift

How original gift baby gift

Kids love presents and surprises. But you can make the evening even more interesting and holidays: not just give a gift and present it in an original, so that the little man it gave more pleasure than surprise yourself.

You will need:

- gift; - Costume fairy-tale hero; - A crossword puzzle; - Ball of yarn; -…

How To Come Up With New Year Costumes For Children

How to come up with New Year costumes for children

Before the New Year holidays, the parents begin to think about costumes for their children. Everybody wants to have their son or daughter greeted the new year in a beautiful and memorable costume that no one else has. Most often, needlewoman mother sew their own masterpieces, sometimes - bought in the…

What If Diarrhea In Infants

What if diarrhea in infants

Young children often happens indigestion. The causes of diarrhea can be very different, you must be able to distinguish relatively safe legkoustranimoe indigestion from serious diseases that require urgent medical attention.

Stool frequency in infants - just an individual parameter. For some kids, and about ten bowel movements per day is considered normal. Delay of the…

How To Spend In The Kindergarten Open Day

How to spend in the kindergarten open day

Admission to the Children's Garden Child - an important event for the employees of preschool institutions and parents. Further interaction with parents of kindergarten team depends largely on what will be the first meeting. By organizing an open day, you need to install with parents of future pupils of the trust relationship.


How To Name Twins

How to name twins

The procedure for selecting a name for a child is a very responsible. This is especially true when twins are expected. It is necessary to choose such names, so they are well combined with each other.

You will need:

- calendar; - Encyclopedia of names.

Instruction how to name the twins

Step 1:

Choose names that are not highly…

How To Soothe Grudnichka

How to soothe grudnichka

The process of birth is difficult for not only the mother but also the baby. For a new person comes into this world is associated with severe stress, because yesterday it was warm and cozy in my mother's belly. The kid is not able to cope with the discomfort and often cries, and parents do not always…

How To Draw A Cat Muzzle On His Face

How to draw a cat muzzle on his face

In many tales the protagonists are cats. This act on the stage in a cardboard or foam mask is not always convenient, especially if you have a lot of character to speak or sing. It is better to draw a cat muzzle directly on the face. After the performance, the mask can…

How To Cook Stewed Baby

How to cook stewed baby

Currently under a lot of discussion about the need dopaivat child who is breastfed, some liquid (fruit drinks, water, juices). WHO recommends to do it only in case of extreme heat in the summer, because under normal conditions the child enough liquid obtained from breast milk, which is absorbed by them better than anything else. Some…

How To Create A Profile Of The Child

How to create a profile of the child

Evenings in the family - a fun pastime, which contributes to further rapprochement between parents and their children. And remember all the interesting moments will help the personal profile of the child, where caring mother once wrote down all the remarkable facts of his life.

You will need:

a notebook, a pen with a…

Hemorrhagic Syndrome: Symptoms And Treatment

Hemorrhagic Syndrome: Symptoms and Treatment

Hemorrhagic syndrome in children is a condition where there is damage to the microvessels walls. It is often referred to as a syndrome of increased bleeding.

There are hereditary and acquired hemorrhagic syndrome. As a rule, a hereditary form of pathological changes affect the vascular net, blood plasma, accompanied by various anomalies of platelets and megakaryocytes,…

As It Is Impossible To Punish Children

As it is impossible to punish children

It is not enough just to be kind and responsive to raise children well. Even the most well-known and talented teachers to punish their pupils. But to punish so as not to humiliate the child and not to lose his confidence - it's an art.

Instruction can not be punished as a child

Step 1:…

Gifts For A Newborn?

Gifts for a newborn?

The birth of a baby - a joyful and long-awaited event that is eagerly awaited not only mom and dad, but people close to the family. If your relatives or friends had a baby, you need to take care of the present. Of course, you can choose a gift for growth, for example, to buy a…

How To Wean From Co-Sleeping

How to wean from co-sleeping

Joint sleep with the baby is very comfortable during breastfeeding. Body contact, smell and warmth of the mother crumbs give a sense of security. When a child is near, my mother also gets the opportunity to sleep better because she does not need to get up to it at night to feed or soothe. But sooner…

How To Prepare Your Child For Sadiku

How to prepare your child for Sadiku

One of the most difficult period in the life of each child and his mother - during habituation child for kindergarten. The first group, the first teacher, daily separation from her mother: all this kid should be carefully prepared. To addictive crumbs to a kindergarten occurred less painful, it is important to start preparing…

As Prenatal Bandage Dress

As prenatal bandage dress

Prenatal is recommended to wear bandage women in 2-3 trimester. During this period, the fetus grows rapidly, and expectant mothers may appear back pain, fatigue and heaviness in the legs. The bandage was created in order to support the belly and remove the strain on your back. Also, this device will prevent stretch marks appear on the…

As Music Lessons At An Early Age Improves Intelligence

As music lessons at an early age improves intelligence

increasingly heard in recent times that the music and intelligence are closely linked. Scientists continue to study on this subject, and yet it is believed that music lessons at an early age have a beneficial effect on children's development.

Every human part of the brain responsible for a certain type of activity.…

How Do You Know The Size Of Baby'S Feet

How do you know the size of baby's feet

Having decided to buy shoes for the baby, you need to know the size of his feet. But it does not always have the opportunity to take the child with you to the store to try on, and purchase online are becoming increasingly popular. So how do you know the child's foot…

How To Wear Undershirts

How to wear undershirts

Although the commercially available variety of blouses on buttons, tank tops, overalls for babies from birth, many parents continue to use the classic garment for a newborn - vests. Especially convenient vest with swaddling. The main thing - the right to wear it.

Instruction how to wear undershirts

Step 1:

Put the baby on a clean diaper. Put…

How To Cook Burgers For Kids

How to cook burgers for kids

Cutlets from not very greasy types of chicken, veal, pork, and fish will need to be sure to include a children's menu as well as a kid growing up, and in a lot of meat to idols is required for the growth of proteins. Although it should be remembered that there are limitations in feeding…

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