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How To Prevent The First Pregnancy

How to prevent the first pregnancy

Drinking in pregnancy at all different - someone dreams to expand your family and have offspring, some do not rush things. To delay the first pregnancy often require financial conditions, career or health problems. To detect unwanted on the test two strips, it is necessary to protect themselves.

Instruction how to prevent the first pregnancy


How To Determine The Child'S Hair Color

How to determine the child's hair color

Many parents long before the birth of the child will want to know the future color of his hair. Theoretically it is possible, if you know some of the laws of genetics. And even no tests are not necessary to surrender.

Instruction how to determine the child's hair color

Step 1:

In the process of…

How To Register A Child In Moscow

How to register a child in Moscow

Obtaining official registration in Moscow - this is a big problem for many visitors. Often, they come not only themselves, but also children, or give birth to children in Moscow. A child is also required official registration, for example, in order to get to the kindergarten, school or clinic. How to register a child…

When You Need To Be Registered Pregnant

When you need to be registered pregnant

By law, every woman is entitled to free prenatal care in the antenatal clinic as part of the mandatory health insurance. To do this, refer to the obstetrician-gynecologist and to register. At what period it is best to do this?

In the early stages of pregnancy is usually made several important tests. The first…

How To Dress The Baby In Winter

How to dress the baby in winter

Walk - a very important ritual for the baby's health. Lack of fresh air has a negative impact on his health. He becomes pale and moody, his appetite is getting worse. But also for walking, especially in the cold season, there are some rules. Surely once again studying the thermometer readings street, you are…

How To Bring The Will In Children

How to bring the will in children

How is the human will, and at what age you can cultivate strong-willed qualities of the baby? This question is very important for anyone who has children and who want to grow their bold, persistent and mature people. In turn, the will - this is not an innate human quality. A child is not…

How To Determine What Will Be The Blood Group Of The Child

How to determine what will be the blood group of the child

Inheritance of blood groups and rhesus factor occurs under the laws of genetics. Using them, you can easily identify options and suggest what blood group will have your unborn baby. To do this, there are tables and charts.

Instruction how to determine what will be the blood of a…

Why Does A Child Sweats

Why does a child sweats

Sweating in children - is a completely natural physiological process. Sweat glands start working with 3-4 weeks of newborn life. But since they are not regulated, the child quickly can sweat when overheated, active movement. If the parents are faced with excessive sweating baby at rest, during sleep in normal temperature environment, it is a chance…

How To Be A Conflict With A Teacher Of Kindergarten

How to be a conflict with a teacher of kindergarten

For parents, their children - the best. By sending your baby to kindergarten, they hope that it will be comfortable there and have fun. But there are situations when due to misunderstanding or other causes of conflicts between parents and educators.

Instruction how to be in a conflict with a teacher…

How To Sew A Bun

How to sew a Bun

Fashioned bun is required if such a desire has arisen. With it will be easier to learn new words, tell stories and play different mini performances. And it is very easy to sewing.

Instruction how to sew a Bun

Step 1:

Prepare material. In order to make a Bun, you can use absolutely any material. Suitable and…

How To Get Into The Speech Therapy Group

How to get into the speech therapy group

Unfortunately, many children fall behind in speech development. The kid can not pronounce the sounds of their native language or pronounce them correctly. It may also suffer the vocabulary and grammatical structure of speech. In order not to have problems later in school with reading and writing, speech therapy visit and, if necessary,…

How To Choose Baby Monitors

How to choose baby monitors

Caring for the baby, who is just beginning to explore the world - is not easy and responsible. However, today's parents in "assistant" is not only their own natural instincts and intuition, but also intelligent electronics. For example, baby monitors is good because it can be used without worries leave a toddler in the nursery, and…

Playpen: Pros And Cons

Playpen: pros and cons

Playpen - a device that restricts the movement of a small child. It is necessary from the moment when the baby starts to crawl. You can use it up to 3-4 years. Psychologists say that the use of the subject can damage the psyche of the child, but it helps to keep it from many injuries.

As A Father Can Take The Child In A Divorce

As a father can take the child in a divorce

The situation, when parents divorce when children stay with his father, is quite rare. In most cases, they are left with their mother, which is understandable. But in some cases the father can prove in court their right to raise a child.

Instruction as a father can take the child in…

How To Find A Kindergarten

How to find a kindergarten

Each modern parent knows that to get the coveted tickets to the MRLs need to get on with almost all the baby's birth. But it is equally important to choose a suitable advance kindergarten, to ensure the child the most comfortable stay in the parents' absence.

You will need:

- paper and pen; - the Internet.


How To Determine The Mental Development Of The Child

How to determine the mental development of the child

Each child develops at their own pace. It can be somewhat ahead of their peers, and in some ways, and to keep up. Parents are important to know how the child's mental development corresponds to average figures for his age. Minor deviations can be corrected even without recourse to a psychologist or…

How To Build A Snow Hill

How to build a snow hill

Ride with winter - it is an ancient tradition in Russia. In ancient times such entertainment had special meaning. People thought that skating with slides can awaken vitality. Really rapid descent from a snowy hill is breathtaking, fun and gives the child receives a significant energy boost.

You will need:

water, watering can, board, shovel, gloves.…

How To Get Rid Of Hiccups Baby

How to get rid of hiccups baby

Kids suffer hiccups more often than adults. In fact, hiccups presents themselves absolutely normal and painless phenomenon characteristic of childhood. And bouts of hiccups cease to pester the child as soon as he finally will develop respiratory and digestive systems. In addition, there are several ways to help you save the child from the…

How To Teach Your Baby To Count: Tips

How to teach your baby to count: tips

To teach children the basics of mathematics can have from three to four years. Usually children of this age already know how to intelligently calculate how much they see those or other items, not just to show them with your fingers, calling numbers, as do babies of two years. The main thing -…

How To Wash Diapers

How to wash diapers

With the advent of the baby in the house changes the rhythm of life of parents and one of their daily duties becomes dry diapers. Despite the seeming simplicity of the process, it has its little secrets and subtleties.

You will need:

Diapers, baby soap, detergent for washing baby clothes, water.

Instruction how to wash diapers

Step 1:


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