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How To Be A Good Mom

How to be a good mom

A good mother one that is happy with their children. At the same time the concept of components of happiness at everyone. You must, first of all, for ourselves to determine the "comfort zone". And, perhaps, the most difficult thing in this case - to find a good compromise between the interests of the child…

How To Teach A Child To Pronounce The Sound

How to teach a child to pronounce the sound "b"

Many parents have to deal with speech defects in their children, who can not pronounce the letter "L" or "R". Sometimes it may be other sounds, such as "B". And if a child pronounces it in principle, but it is wrong (referring to the language of the upper lip during the…

What If Girls Are Born, And I Want A Boy

What if girls are born, and I want a boy

Many families, which already has several daughters, certainly wish that they had a male heir. Impatient parents do not want to wait for favors from nature and try to do everything possible in order to have increased the likelihood of the boy's birth.

There is a theory that sperm carrying a…

Love Of Books Since Childhood

Love of books since childhood

One of the main problems of modern education - the inability to students to understand the meaning of texts. For this reason, the guys can not solve simple problems in mathematics and physics, and even works become for many something unimaginably difficult. To avoid these difficulties, it is possible, if the time to instill in children…

In That Play With The Child

In that play with the child

For different age period is characterized by a certain type of activity: study, play or work. As a rule, for preschoolers main activity - this game, and for students - learning. But also for young children and students, all activities can be combined in developing the game.

Often parents do not know what you can…

How To Organize Children'S Day

How to organize Children's Day

Parents whose child lives under the regime, of course, know all the advantages of living on a schedule. First, the baby learns to discipline. Secondly, the day after making the usual action, the little man is growing physically and mentally strong, health and development.

Instruction how to organize Children's Day

Step 1:

Organize a Children's Day should…

How Do You Get A Child To Respect Yourself

How do you get a child to respect yourself

Respect the child to the people around them, their work, opinions and personal life begins with respect for his or his parents. But it can not occur in a vacuum, we must begin to instill respect from the first days of baby's life.

Instruction how to make the child to respect yourself


How To Determine The First Stirring Of

How to determine the first stirring of

Through ultrasound, pregnant women are the first movements of their children are visible long before they begin to feel. The first perturbation may be so weak that sometimes are not recognized.

Instruction how to identify the first stirring of

Step 1:

His first movement of the fetus begins to make already at 8 weeks of…

How To Behave With A Child Of Primary School Age

How to behave with a child of primary school age

In many religions there is a judgment that a child carries a divine principle, so it is necessary to indulge in everything. Share truth in this, but here need a happy medium.

Instruction on how to behave with a child of primary school age

Step 1:

Japanese sages recommend to adhere to…

How To Treat Children'S Allergies

How to treat children's allergies

Allergy - one of the most common diseases in infants. In babies it is manifested atopic dermatitis - specific skin rash, itching, and dryness. The main reasons for the development of allergies in children - a genetic predisposition, as well as early and intensive contact with the allergen.

Instruction how to treat children's allergies

Step 1:


10 Phrases That Do Not Talk To Children

10 phrases that do not talk to children

Raising a child - is not easy. Sometimes it is hard to refrain from irritation, seeing as the son or daughter is doing something wrong, how you want. However, throwing caustic phrases in a defenseless child is not worth it. Psychologists distinguish 10 phrases that can cause children to moral injury.

1. "You…

Cancellation Of The Adopted Child

Cancellation of the adopted child

Rejection of the adopted child - a rather complicated and long legal procedure. So before you adopt children of a spouse or a child, taken from the children's home, you should think twice.

You will need:

- copy of the document for adoption; - Copy of the passport of the adoptive parent; - A copy of birth…

How To Defend The Rights Of The Child

How to defend the rights of the child

In life there are situations when children's rights are violated. Moreover, they can disrupt both the parents and the State, and individuals. Protect the rights of their child are obliged to parents, if they are inactive or are themselves abused its right - to be connected guardianship, prosecutors, courts. The issue is extremely…

How To Give Your Child Sumamed

How to give your child sumamed

Sumamed - is antimicrobial broad-spectrum. It effectively fights against diseases of upper respiratory tract and urogenital, with diseases of the respiratory tract, skin and inflammation of the joints, as well as combined with heavy infections. Its advantage lies in the fact that he accepted only once a day, and it is very convenient, especially for…

How To Wear A Bandage During Pregnancy

How to wear a bandage during pregnancy

Pregnancy - a great time for a woman, especially when she wants and goes easily. But often, with increasing abdominal pain in the back, it becomes more difficult to walk and lead an active life. And then to help the expectant mother comes a special medical device - a bandage.

Instruction how to wear…

How To Write A Poem With The Baby?

How to write a poem with the baby?

stihopletstvom training helps to develop thinking, imagination, memory, learn to express their thoughts correctly, clear and beautiful. In addition, any grandmother would be pleased to receive a birthday card, which not only made hands beloved grandson, but also contains a poem he wrote for her. Independently invented a poem to kakomu-nibud holiday…

How Do I Know The Color Of The Child'S Eyes

How do I know the color of the child's eyes

Surely you remember the exciting tasks in genetics, which had to be solved at the school. You are invited to calculate the probability of transmission of inherited color of hair and eyes. And it was just, if Mom and Dad have the same eye color. But if one of them is…

How To Fix The Canopy Crib

How to fix the canopy crib

Canopy - a very elegant canopy, canopy, which is mounted above the bed on metal or wooden poles. It fulfills a purely aesthetic function, brings zest to your baby's bedroom. Canopy serves to protect the sleeper from the pesky insects or dust from the sun and the moon light.

Instruction how to fix the canopy…

How Do Hairstyles Child To School

How do hairstyles child to school

Girls do not really like to go to school every day with the same hairdo. After all, there are not only lessons and homework, but also a lot of friends, and the sea communication. Here are mothers and have to show the wonders of ingenuity to collect daughters to school. Fortunately, there are a lot…

Why Newborn Hiccups

Why newborn hiccups

Hiccups - reflex phenomenon, caused by spasmodic contractions of the diaphragm. In newborn infants, it is observed quite often. A short hiccup (within 10 to 15 minutes) is not a pathology, and to the child much discomfort does not deliver. However, the reasons for its occurrence should be analyzed and addressed.

Instruction why hiccups newborn

Step 1:

It is…

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