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How To Teach A Child To Pronounce The

How to teach a child to pronounce "R"

Most parents are very worried when their child does not pronounce the letter "R". To think, of course, it is necessary, but only when the child has reached the age of six. In an earlier age, it is not considered a disease. Of course, you can take your child to a speech therapist,…

How To Get Rid Of Constipation During Pregnancy

How to get rid of constipation during pregnancy

Almost half of the women awaiting baby, at certain stages of pregnancy are faced with this aspect of the body. Unfortunately, constipation in pregnancy found almost more often than pronounced toxicosis. To fight against this phenomenon is difficult, but possible. The causes of constipation are associated with changes in hormonal levels.

You will…

How To Boil The Oil

How to boil the oil

So necessary in childcare oil can be purchased at the pharmacy or store, and can be made at home. Independently little boiled vegetable guaranteed to contain no harmful chemicals and does not have any fragrances.

You will need:

For a water bath: steel bowl or pan, a mug or a glass jar.

Instruction how to boil the…

How To Learn To Communicate With Their Peers

How to learn to communicate with their peers

Three years - it's a difficult age for a child. It is not only a crisis, as a rule, during this period give the baby to the kindergarten. There he will have to get used to the new order and learn to communicate with their peers.

Instruction how to learn to socialize with…

How To Terminate A Pregnancy In The Short Term

How to terminate a pregnancy in the short term

Pregnancy is not always desirable for a woman and allowed for medical reasons. It can occur despite the use of contraception. And if the woman is still pregnant, but absolutely do not want to give birth, there is the opportunity to interrupt the process at an early period for her.

Instruction how…

How To Take Your Baby

How to take your baby

Any child requires greater attention. Sometimes parents do not have a free moment for yourself. Of course, the time to feel sorry for children it is not necessary, but household chores are not done by themselves. How to take a child while you are cooking dinner or iron clothes?

You will need:

- water; - Bath; -…

How Not To Breastfeed Without Tears

How not to breastfeed without tears

Breastfeeding is undoubtedly beneficial for the baby, but sooner or later there comes a time to wean the baby from the breast. It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the child's physiology and nursing women, otherwise you can get a lot of problems. To abandon breastfeeding (GW) without tears and whims, it…

How To Treat Prickly Heat In The Newborn

How to treat prickly heat in the newborn

Sudamen is a skin lesion that is inherent mainly infants. It occurs due to overheating of the child and immediately causes an inflammatory response. That is why it is necessary and prompt and timely treatment.

Instruction how to treat prickly heat in the newborn

Step 1:

SimptomyOsnovnye prickly heat symptoms in a newborn -…

How To Behave With Children Of Preschool Age

How to behave with children of preschool age

At preschool age formed the foundations of behavior, moral values ​​and character that will unfold in full in the future. Therefore, parents need to build a trusting relationship with their children and prepare them for life in society.

Instruction on how to behave with children of preschool age

Step 1:

Start preschool education with…

What If The Baby - & Laquo; Nehochuha & Raquo;

What if the child - «Nehochuha»

"I do not want these boots! I do not want to play the piano! " How often do you hear from your child these words? It is necessary to understand the causes of such behavior and to realize that insisting on the need to do things that are hard to understand a little child, parents…

How To Knit Baby Dress

How to knit baby dress

I'd like to a little girl look like a princess. And the best outfit for a princess - it is, of course, the dress. Tie a light openwork dress with their own hands.

You will need:

300 - 500 grams of yarn, a hook.

Instruction how to knit baby dress

Step 1:

Choose yarn. It should be fine,…

What Do You Call A Second Child

What do you call a second child

The birth of the second child - the second is a very important and crucial step in the life of future parents. Selection of the name of the newborn baby - is not a simple one. After all, the name of the effect on the fate of man. Parents often rely on family traditions,…

How To Clean Ears Newborn

How to clean ears newborn

Newborn baby, like every person, it is necessary to wash every day. So far, he has not learned this, his mom and dad need to constantly monitor the hygiene of delicate baby face. Particular care is necessary to clean the ears.

Instruction how to clean ears newborn

Step 1:

Wipe during washing in the morning cotton pad…

How To Create A Sense Of Wonder For Children New Year

How to create a sense of wonder for children New Year

Some of the most kind and pleasant childhood memories - the moments associated with the New Year celebration. Letters to Santa Claus, Christmas tree ornament, vanity adults permission to sleep in the main night of the year and, of course, gifts - that's what will forever remain in the memory…

How To Treat Children With Mild Colds

How to treat children with mild colds

By the autumn, many children fall ill various colds. And that their ailments have not outgrown in serious or, even worse, in chronic diseases, it is important to promptly treat them. Here come to the aid of parents folk remedies, and the balm "Golden Star".

You will need:

Balsam "Golden Star" or "Doctor Mom", honey,…

How To Get To The Orthopedic Garden

How to get to the orthopedic garden

For children with a variety of problems there are specialized kindergartens health. For example, your child can go to an orthopedic kindergarten, if there is a need for this. However, you must know what to do to stay execution son or daughter in this specialized institution.

Instruction how to get into the orthopedic garden


How To Make A Cot

How to make a cot

Before the baby into the world remains very little time, and you will be happy to prepare everything for him. Among all the dowry for remains one of the main places takes a cot. Try to arrange it so as to make it stay in the baby comfortable and safe.

You will need:

- Crib; - Convenient…

How To Increase Hemoglobin Child

How to increase hemoglobin child

Deficiency of hemoglobin in children - a frequent phenomenon. If the deficit is significant, then we can talk about anemia, and this state is dangerous for the child's body as if it worsens oxygenation of tissues, including the brain. Treatment of hemoglobin deficit depends on the degree and the age of the child.

You will need:


How To Choose A Child'S Name On A Horoscope

How to choose a child's name on a horoscope

Motherhood - for most women this is the most precious thing in life. It is fraught with anticipation and excitement, enthusiasm and pleasant troubles. I wish that all-everything was just perfect, including the name of the future baby. This is perhaps one of the most sensitive issues that affect not only the…

How To Treat Tonsillitis In Children

How to treat tonsillitis in children

At least once in life every person ill with tonsillitis, acute form of which is known to all as angina. Tonsillitis can also go into a chronic form, which is characterized by intermittent inflammation of the tonsils after hypothermia, stress and other reasons. There are many ways to treat tonsillitis in children: these folk remedies…

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