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How To Determine The Gestational Age And Birth Date

How to determine the gestational age and birth date

In some cases, a woman may not understand exactly what her term of pregnancy and childbirth will come when. For the calculation of these dates, there are special techniques that can be used both by doctors and by the pregnant women in the home.

Instruction how to determine the gestational age and…

How To Teething

How to teething

The appearance of the teeth in the child indicates the beginning of a new stage of its development. Baby teeth begin to grow when the body the baby is ready to expand the diet due to the introduction of solid foods in it. However, the process itself is not the appearance of the teeth always takes place easily…

How To Teach A Child The Alphabet

How to teach a child the alphabet

Any training activity in childhood should take place in the form of a game. ABC Learning is impossible without visual aids. Therefore, depending on the age of the child pick his colorful and interesting benefits.

You will need:

- dice; - ABC.

Instruction how to teach a child the alphabet

Step 1:

If you decide to…

Why Does A Child Is Frequently Ill

Why does a child is frequently ill

Part of the nozzle and the baby colds can be a terrible dream of any parent. However, it is the behavior of the parents becomes a major cause of childhood diseases. Failure to just a few rules can lead to the fact that children's immune system will be shaken and overwhelmed, and this invariably…

How Quickly Cure A Cough And Runny Nose In A Child

How quickly cure a cough and runny nose in a child

Weak immune system and close communication in children's team are the main causes of frequent colds in children. Often the pathogenic process is delayed for many weeks, and the long-awaited recovery is replaced by another runny nose and cough. But to prevent the disease delayed, it is better to begin…

How To Teach A Child To Breathe Through The Nose

How to teach a child to breathe through the nose

Proper breathing can prevent many diseases. The air passing through the nose, humidified, warmed, the excess dust particles and microbes are also deposited here. It is a kind of protective mechanisms of the organism. If the child is breathing by mouth, it gets only 15% of the required amount of oxygen…

How To Avoid Uterine Tone

How to avoid uterine tone

The tone of the uterus is excessive contractile activity of muscles that occurs in response to changes in the normal hormonal or external stimuli.

Instruction on how to avoid uterine tone

Step 1:

When pulling or just discomfort pregnant women should seek immediate medical advice - only medical examination and timely appointment of medical therapy will help…

How To Diagnose The Development Of Preschool Children

How to diagnose the development of preschool children

Children under the age of 6 years can be divided into two age groups: from birth to 3 years - childhood, from 3 to 6 years old - preschoolers. There are both diagnostic development, suitable for both groups, and separately for each. In this case, it will just about diagnosing preschool children. It…

How Not To Gain Weight In The Decree

How not to gain weight in the decree

Many young mothers and women who are preparing them to become just, concerned about the issue of excess weight. It is believed that pregnancy often spoils the figure. In fact, this is not always the case. In many cases, the woman behaves in a way that is gaining excess weight. There are some…

How To Treat An Infant'S Throat

How to treat an infant's throat

Your pipsqueak sick? Dullness, capricious mood, poor appetite, and sometimes even cry while eating or giving up her cough - all these are signs that the baby sore neck. Often mothers are lost and do not know what to do in this case. After all, most of the drugs and treatments for babies are not…

How To Choose A Babysitter

How to choose a babysitter

In a woman's life there are situations when the child fully devote himself to the education she had no chance. In such cases come to the aid nurse. But like everything that concerns the health and well-being of the child, to the choice of the nurse should be treated with special care.

Instruction how to find…

How To Call To Order

How to call to order

Calm the raging child is not easy. The shouts, quarrels, scandals in public areas ... It's hard to find a parent who would never have come across this. Help in this situation may be the method of "count to three."

Instruction as a call to order

Step 1:

First of all, you need to calm down. Drop…

How To Paint The Faces Of Children

How to paint the faces of children

Face painting in the style of your favorite comic book characters or fun muzzles of animals face at carnivals, children's parties and get-togethers simple - a great way to amuse kids and adults to be smart. The main thing here - not even the ability to draw, and desire, and, of course, your imagination.…

How To Teach A Child To Understand The Clock

How to teach a child to understand the clock

Time - an abstract concept, so to teach the child to understand the rather difficult hours. However, this is necessary because the student each day will have to determine the exact time on the clock and schedule free time correctly.

Instruction how to teach a child to understand the clock

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How To Wean From The Bottle At Night

How to wean from the bottle at night

The child grows, but many kids infant habits are very reluctant to part. And one of the main objects of which it is difficult to wean the baby, - a bottle, especially at night. To the process of weaning from it can be passed as a painless, to do everything in a timely…

Gestational Diabetes In Pregnancy: Causes And Diagnosis

Gestational diabetes in pregnancy: Causes and Diagnosis

In gestational diabetes in pregnant disturbed carbohydrate metabolism, increases blood sugar levels. Gestational diabetes adversely affects the condition of the mother and the fetus, so the blood sugar level of the pregnant requires constant medical supervision.

Sugar enters the body of a pregnant uglevodosoderzhaschey food. By reducing carbohydrate intake occurs release of glucose, essential…

How To Choose A Snowboard For Child

How to choose a snowboard for child

Choosing a snowboard for the child - a very important moment. To make the right purchase is necessary to take into account the following parameters: length and weight of the snowboard, height and weight of the child, the width and the stiffness of the board.

Instruction how to choose a snowboard for child

Step 1:…

How To Bathe A Newborn Baby Correctly: What You Need To Know

How to bathe a newborn baby correctly: What You Need to Know

The first bathing the newborn, especially the first-born, as exciting for his mother, as well as the first word, first step. Many people know this procedure in theory, but how to bathe the baby in fact, for them is still a mystery. Once upon a time to lift the…

How To Cook A Pumpkin For A Child

How to cook a pumpkin for a child

Pumpkin dishes are very popular in the preparation of the children's menu. It is enriched with a large number of trace elements, fiber and vitamins. Cook the pumpkin for the child simply. There are many delicious dishes that will please not only your daze, but also you.

You will need:

Meatless soup with pumpkin…

How To Celebrate A Birthday In The Kindergarten

How to celebrate a birthday in the kindergarten

The day is approaching birth of your son or daughter. You want to make this holiday was in the children's memory bright and cheerful. But how to celebrate the triumph, when children go to kindergarten? For the evening the birthday boy or birthday girl is already faint, and the feast can go into…

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