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How Do Developing Mats With Their Hands

How do developing mats with their hands

Educational mats for kids are the first and most important exercise equipment, contributing to the development of attention, logic, memory, thinking and intelligence. Species of these mats there are so many. You can buy them or make your own hands. The second option is preferable, if you love needlework. In addition, knowing your child,…

How To Cut Teen

How to cut teen

If your son outright refuses to go to the hairdresser or you do not want to be with him for a long time in the queue, try to cut it yourself at home. Make it'll be quite difficult if you strictly observe all the stages of a hairstyle.

Instruction how to cut teen

Step 1:

Before the beginning…

How To Survive A Missed Abortion

How to survive a missed abortion

Missed abortion and miscarriage are not much different from each other. Nonviable embryo by the laws of nature can not be further developed - there is a spontaneous miscarriage. In the case of non-viable pregnancy the fetus stops developing, too. In order to save a woman from a dead embryo resorting to medical intervention. In…

How To Place The Child In The Garden

How to place the child in the garden

Since the beginning of the two thousandth's, there is a shortage of places in kindergartens in Russia. Therefore, parents of young children are kindly requested to do registration of their child to preschool.

You will need:

- passport; - Child's birth certificate; - A medical card; - Documents on the right to benefits.


How To Identify A Child'S Ability

How to identify a child's ability

Deposits talent in man laid nature. The challenge of adult - a child's ability to identify and develop them. This is in the process of creative development and education. Parents, developing in your child's ability, can be confident that in his life, he realizes himself, and be sure to find the case for everyone.


How To Protect From The Sun Grudnichka

How to protect from the sun grudnichka

Summer time - a great time for long walks with your baby. That summer his parents a unique opportunity to show your child the diversity of the world around it and the brightness of colors. However, we should not forget that long exposure to the sun can harm infants. Therefore walk in the summer…

How To Raise A Teenage Girl

How to raise a teenage girl

As your family grows a little lady. It has become almost an adult, spinning in front of a mirror, carefully thought out wardrobe, choose a new hairstyle. You are surprised to see how much it changed, it became more elegant as manifested in her first signs of womanhood. It can be very difficult to find…

How To Wean Fall Asleep With The Breast

How to wean fall asleep with the breast

Motion sickness the baby with the breast sometimes becomes a problem. To solve this problem is possible by weaning from breastfeeding. However, this process has nothing to do with sleep, so make sure you try to teach a child to fall asleep on their own.

Instruction how to wean from the breast to…

How To Treat Teeth Young Children

How to treat teeth young children

For many parents, the phrase "to treat your child's teeth," is the source of fear and trembling, because not every adult himself something without fear can sit in the dentist chair. To treat the teeth children need a lot of patience and time before you can achieve the desired result. Especially if the child is…

How To Use A Pregnancy Test

How to use a pregnancy test

The use of a pregnancy test - a great opportunity to find out the results of fertilization to the campaign to the doctor. Regardless of the form it is fairly easy to use, but each version has its own nuances.

Instruction how to use a pregnancy test

Step 1:

Buy a pregnancy test only in drugstores.…

As A Teenager To Prove The Harm Of Cigarettes?

As a teenager to prove the harm of cigarettes?

Smoking is one of the most controversial issues in the past decade. Despite the fact that in many cities banned smoking in public places and it is likely that health insurance is more expensive for smokers, less than their not becoming. In addition, more and more often in nicotine dependence fall…

How To Switch From Breastfeeding To A Mixture Of

How to switch from breastfeeding to a mixture of

Very often, my mother does not have enough breast milk or it disappears. In this case, the baby transferred to artificial feeding. Apply breast milk substitute - adapted milk mixture, the content of the nutrients as close to the composition of human milk. Most often it is dry powders. They have several…

How To Put A Child On September 1

How to put a child on September 1

Choose a beautiful, practical, comfortable outfit for September 1 is not easy. It is important to observe etiquette and satisfy the tastes of the child. Not all schools have a dress code, so the choice of sets of clothes should be approached responsibly.

As of September 1 it is necessary to choose clothes…

How To Treat Strabismus In Children

How to treat strabismus in children

Strabismus - one of the most common and dangerous diseases of childhood. It can lead to a loss of binocular vision (vision with both eyes), formed by 5-6 years, which is essential to the correct ratio of the surrounding objects in space. The whole world at the same time is perceived in a distorted, the…

How To Write A Review On Your Child

How to write a review on your child

To write a review on your child, you should try to reveal the main features of his character. Describe his behavior, habits. Tell us also about a representative case, reveals his life principles and beliefs.

Instruction on how to write a review of their child

Step 1:

Start drawing a Review posts of personal…

How To Enter The Yolk

How to enter the yolk

Egg yolk is a source of most of the essential resources required for the full development of the child. The composition includes egg yolk protein, amino acids, fats, fospolipidy, choline, iron, copper, Collbató, manganese, vitamin A, vitamin D and many other useful components.

Instruction how to enter the yolk

Step 1:

Enter in the diet of baby…

How To Cook Mashed Nursing Baby

How to cook mashed nursing baby

In our time in the stores a wide range of baby food for every taste and budget. Nevertheless, many young mothers prefer to mash an infant alone. Freshly made mashed potatoes from their own fruit and vegetables is not only inferior in quality shops, but also contains more vitamins and nutrients.

You will need:

150-200 g…

How To Bathe A Baby In 3 Months

How to bathe a baby in 3 months

baby bathing procedure is one of the most important and enjoyable. It helps to observe hygiene, promotes the development of the baby and strengthens the relationship between him and his mother on an emotional level. While bathing the child is experiencing a whole range of emotions: receive information about the world and knows…

How To Stop A Tantrum In Children

How to stop a tantrum in children

The hysteria in children - a phenomenon very, very unpleasant. Her symptoms spoil the mood of others, or for the most tears and cries of howler can cause disorders of the nervous system. That is why it is important to fit the child to stop in time. And it can be done by resorting…

How To Prepare Your Child For Confession

How to prepare your child for Confession

Believing parents who regularly attend church, over time, start to think, how to instill the desire to come to the temple and their children? How to explain to them all the sacraments? Including the sacrament of confession.

Instruction how to prepare a child for Confession

Step 1:

Ask the priest who will profess first child…

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