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Parenting: how to punish a child for disobedience

There is no child who did not commit any mischief in my life and not upset it your parents. Small faults, mischievous pranks or inappropriate behavior caused the baby is not always an approving reaction of parents and raise questions as to punish the child for being naughty. But not all parents manifest themselves in the education of their children as a caregiver, there are adult category, ride disciplinary action. With the formation of the personality of the child there is the establishment of rules of conduct in society.

Parenting: how to punish a child for disobedience

Is it possible to punish the child

Before you decide whether or not those same borders that it should not move if the child, it is worth considering to punish, and are set. In accordance with the age of the child, parents should determine the scope of what is permitted. Before the year is difficult to explain to the kid that spilling juice on the floor and screaming loudly in the room - it is indecent, it is knowledge of the world and the interest on the reaction of adults to him. Therefore, beyond what is permitted must comply with the child's age. After establishing the boundaries of what is permitted, parents not only form the rules of behavior in society, but also teach safety.

Becoming older, the baby already understands that committing a bad deed, it violates the norms. When deciding how to punish the child for a particular offense, it is necessary to evaluate it. Perhaps, therefore, he attracts the attention of the missing. Committed an offense, he is well aware that parents may not approve it. The behavior of adults is often predictable - they start to get angry, swear. A child may not be aware that their parents are unhappy occurred, it begins to seem that adults are dissatisfied with themselves. Austerity, not the humiliation of the person you need to be at this moment. It is enough to leave the child in the room for further reflection, after talking to him about the incident. Specialists not recommended to put in the corner, and for faults mischief, physical abuse are not acceptable in the process of education.

Is it possible to punish the child strap

"Whether the child punish, using the strap?". From this idea need to abandon forever the feeling of anger and violence dwell in his heart for a lifetime, and this technique it will be applied to your children.

If the sandbox four children toddler throws sand or trying to take a toy, it is necessary at the time to divert his attention, to explain all the unpleasant moments of the incident. Sometimes it is possible to apply the tactics of deprivation of toys. But it should not be long-lasting in time, otherwise the child will not think about what happened and about the injustice of his parents.

Before punishing a child, you need to explain that in all his actions necessarily be punished. Prohibitions on its safety must be categorical: if you can not touch the wall outlet and the hot iron, you need to explain why you can not do it so that he did not try to check it out later. The punishment should be for educational purposes, so it should be short and forgiving. The child must be forgiven, but the wine should not be touched again in the future. The kid must understand that being punished for some offense, not because he is bad. Taking a decision whether the child, punish, parents should be aware that a bad mood, trouble at home or at work, should not be projected on to the baby.

It is very important, setting rules and boundaries to your child, do not forget that the parents themselves are a prime example. Looking at adults, they absorb the mannerisms and do things, so before you punish your child for the offense should look and see if the parents are to blame.