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Personal example as the best training tool

Like many modern parents are looking for information on the proper education. Reading many books, forums and specialist advice mom and dad are willing to find common methods of education. But while adults often forget almost the most important way to influence the behavior of his child - his own personal example.

Personal example as the best training tool

Spread some bad habits in our society just appalling. What a great number of people smoking, swearing, throwing garbage or drinking alcohol on the street. Many of them have children of their own. If you ask this pope whether he wants his kid swearing, probably the father said no. Parent with enviable persistence can read his notation on the child how to behave. But all exhortations will not bring any result. After all, a child more willing to believe and follow the example of the behavior, and what words.

Drinking beer on a bench in the courtyard and swearing loudly swear words - it is egregious examples of disgusting behavior of adults that children imitate. However, there are also less eye-catching cases. Like many parents of students complain that their children do not want to read? And how many mothers of adolescents struggling with addiction of their sons and daughters from computer games? Such families very much. But rarely do adults think about how long ago they were reading a book or spending the evening talking to each other instead of watching TV.

Another example, more typical for kids: child constantly crumbles cookies or bread in the room, refusing to fully eat at the kitchen table. Mom swears constantly removes crumbs at the table, trying to sit on a chair for a while. A result of zero. Maybe then she first conceived: and when their family is at full strength had dinner together at the table in the kitchen? Or as part of other members of the family something to grab from the table, and then run around the apartment with a piece of food, making their case? Surely there are patterns of behavior. It turns out that Pope dines watching TV on the couch, for example. Then require the child accuracy in making food simply hypocritical.

Toddlers often forget to wash your hands after walking or eating. In such situations, you can curse long. But there is another less painful way - to wash hands with him. Very rarely do adults go directly to the bathroom, coming home. But if they do it will be constantly in front of the child and / or together with it, the baby well consolidate such a skill.

Always before once again make demands for their child, parents should think about whether they served themselves an example of proper behavior? Do they make what they want from the kid or teenager? Often difficult behavior that mothers and fathers strenuously and unsuccessfully correct - their own model, which is absorbed and adopted child.