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Planning for pregnancy: how to conceive a healthy child

Maternal and father directly affects the health and quality of life of their future son or daughter. The role of planning of pregnancy in this respect can not be overestimated. Every woman should know how to conceive a healthy child and minimize any risks for him.

Planning for pregnancy: how to conceive a healthy child


Avoid contraception

Failure to contraceptivesThe first thing to do is to abandon any contraceptive methods other than the barrier. Doing this, it is desirable not later than 3 months before the planned conception. This is necessary to restore the woman's monthly cycle and normalization of its hormonal levels.

Bring yourself into shape

Sports for pregnant womenExpectant mother must be in good physical shape to bear a child. Some people need to lose weight, but someone - better. This is necessary for the prevention of metabolic disorders. Obese women often suffer from hypertension, and in the later stages of gestosis, which may negatively affect the child's condition. Too thin women simply can not get pregnant because the depletion of the body simply does not allow to bear a child, which in itself is stressful for the female body. Also, be sure to hand over analyzes on an infection.

Reconsider habits and nutrition

Bad habits and pregnancyStop smoking and alcohol consumption should be not only the expectant mother, but also his father. Should be reduced and consumption of coffee. Take a couple of vitamins and minerals. The woman further for the same three months prior to conception should be taking folic acid.

Tune in to positive

Love for the future baby, light mood will help overcome the difficulties through which the majority of women for the first 9 months. If you can not wait to see if conception occurred, then pay attention to the first signs of pregnancy.

How do you know she was pregnant

How do you know she was pregnantOften the symptoms of pregnancy are similar to symptoms of some diseases. Already at 6 days after conception occurs in some women breast tenderness in their slight increase. Perhaps the emergence of lower abdominal pain after intercourse, which is associated with the introduction of a fertilized egg in the uterine wall. Changes in taste, discomfort in the stomach in the morning for a few days and may be associated with pregnancy. Just define a pregnancy will only be possible with the help of test or delivery of the analysis on the content of human chorionic gonadotropin in the blood.