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Playpen: pros and cons

Playpen - a device that restricts the movement of a small child. It is necessary from the moment when the baby starts to crawl. You can use it up to 3-4 years. Psychologists say that the use of the subject can damage the psyche of the child, but it helps to keep it from many injuries.

Playpen: pros and cons


Advantages of using the arena for the child

The space of the apartment can be dangerous for the baby. Sharp corners, rosettes, small items are in any room, and if the child is left alone, he can use them for other purposes. It should always be there to protect them from injuries and bruises her child. But in practice it is difficult to achieve, sometimes Mom turns away, turned his attention to other things, engaged in household chores, and rest. And in these moments to somehow isolate the child from danger. And the arena in this great help.

Playpen can be used outdoors, it will allow the child to spend time in the fresh air, but do not crawl too far. Enclosed space does not interfere with vision, so baby do not worry, if the mother is in range, and at the same time it can deal with any of their deeds.

For travel and trips to visit playpen - it is a great solution. It can be installed on the floor or on the bed, and the baby will be safe. It allows you to move freely with the whole family, without fear, that it is necessary to prepare a room for your stay with your child.

Large playpen difficult to transport, but it is more comfortable for the baby. Sometimes you can buy a fence, which fence off a safe area in the apartment, and it was there to keep the toddler. Such cots, only the fence, usually fold up and take up little space, but they have no bottom.

Disadvantages of using the arena for children

Manege restricts the mobility of the child. From an early age formed the tendency to a sedentary lifestyle. And it was before the first pitch is laid interest in the world around them. Evaluation of its possibilities, experimenting with movement, striving for some goal set in the period of up to one year. Beautiful toy, bright things attract attention, but if you can not reach, there is a feeling of anxiety and helplessness. Unconsciously, the child feels hopeless, but it can cause a feeling of inferiority.

Forced placement in a playpen can cause psychological trauma. Kid can be frightened and then long into adulthood survive this tragedy. Therefore, it is important to teach a child to a limited space gradually try to put in there bright toys and child seated next. At some point, he wants to reach, and the movement of the wall will be perceived as a pleasure, not punishment.

Restless children can not buy a high arena. If the child is attached to his mother, he must see her, so choose a small height. For fidgets it is better to take the model 100 - 110 centimeters, they are harder to flip, they are more stable.

Manege baby bed - it's not always a good solution. In the bed the child sleeps and spends time in the arena and plays. Combining the functions of parents save money, but makes it impossible to divide the concept - a place to rest and sleep. This makes it harder rocking the child, he can not perceive the space properly, and this creates additional troubles.

In the arena of the child should not be left longer than 10-15 minutes without any attention. Most of the time it can be, but it is important to check its condition, or to be in line of sight to avoid any trouble.

Sitting not all children agree playpen. Sometimes this purchase is useless, because the child simply refuses to be without a mother or father. To this did not happen, to try to create an arena acquisition of pillows and look at the baby's reaction. You can also take a playpen with friends for a couple of days to personally assess the pros and cons of this product.