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Pregnancy winter: features and nuances

If the pregnancy is uncomplicated and there are no problems with the well-being, this period may be remembered how amazing and wonderful life stage, each month brings new emotions and sensations. However, if the child has to wait for the cold time of year, it is important to remember that this period has its own characteristics and specific nuances.

Pregnancy winter: features and nuances



In winter, the amount of vitamins in fruits and vegetables is significantly reduced, and if we add the lack of sunlight, the problem of reducing immunity expectant mother comes out on top.

It is obvious that the nutrition of pregnant women should be balanced, with a high content of essential vitamins and the lack of calories.

Therefore, seeking to ensure the baby is so scarce in the winter vitamins, many young mothers are buying large quantities of tropical fruits.

It is worth pondering this "vitamin therapy" - whether they use a lot of the body will bring?

It is no secret that these fruits are harvested unripe and then treated with various preservatives to save the presentation during transport to our shelves.

Summer vegetables - tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, abundantly found in stores in winter, are not only a watery taste, characteristic of greenhouse products, but also a high content of nitrates.

To ensure proper nutrition for pregnant women, it is recommended to replace the cucumbers and tomatoes vegetables that are harvested in the autumn: turnips, beets, carrots, cabbage.

Exotic fruits can be replaced with frozen berries, grown in our band: cranberry, cranberries, blueberries, rosehips.

This measure reduces the risk of allergies, improves the functioning of the kidneys, provides the body with the mother and child set of essential vitamins.

prenatal vitamins

health protection

Winter is traditionally increased number of respiratory diseases, the protection of which the expectant mother provide preventive measures and safe for the baby's health.

Support the immune system at the proper level will help to natural vitamins for pregnant women: onions, garlic, dill, arugula, basil.

Before traveling on public transport or visiting crowded places necessarily recommended to lubricate the wings of the nose oxolinic ointment.

Particular attention should be paid to comfortable clothes and shoes, not allowing as a supercooling and excessive body heat.

Fur coats may be too heavy and uncomfortable, but the elongated jackets with adjustable waist - perfect for winter walks.

down jacket for pregnant women

Stratification - the main "trend" for pregnant women. First, the modern fashion trends allow and even welcome a combination of different textures, colors and styles in a single ensemble, and secondly, the presence of several layers of clothing allows you to maintain a comfortable environment for future mothers.

Hot - removed the blouse or jacket; It was cold - again put on, without compromising the health and appearance.

The best shoes for pregnant women - a soft, receiving foot shape, which has a non-slip sole and zastezhki- "Velcro."

Such footwear is presented in a wide range and will look elegant and fashionable, because the pregnancy - not a reason to deny yourself the desire to be beautiful and stylish.

Shoes for pregnant women

Winter beauty

Skin care and hair care in winter always requires special attention, and during the child's expectations - twice.

Dryness of the skin during pregnancy - a common problem in winter exacerbated overdried indoor air.

The skin needs regular moisture, both inside and outside. Contribute to the application of moisturizing creams and a sufficient amount drunk clean water.

If the propensity to edema rate of consumption of water is recommended to agree with the doctor.

If possible, should abandon the use of creams and industry engage in the manufacture of cosmetics home, does not contain harmful additives and are ideally takes into account the peculiarities of your skin.

cream with your own hands

The use of natural base and essential oils, decoctions of herbs, and the rejection of artificial additives, preservatives, parabens and will improve the skin condition and her radiant health mind.

It is important to remember that moisturizers can not be applied directly before going out.

The best protection from the cold and wind are fatty creams, which include vitamin E.

Cream applied to the face and hands for 15-20 minutes before going outside to prevent water entering into their composition, time to soak in, and components of the cream - to form on the skin the thinnest protective film.

Cosmetics for pregnant women

Hair can be regularly indulge oil wraps using the oils that are perfect for your hair type.

Refusal of shampoos, which include sulfates and use decoctions of herbs rinse too will benefit from the beauty and health of the expectant mother curls.