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Preparing a child for school

For many parents approaching the crucial moment when the child is in first grade. Some parents beforehand begin to worry about their children: Do study, which it will be given to how comfortable will stay in school, it is difficult, the school world, and how the child will feel in the team: Of course, your child did not get into a stressful situation, it is necessary to advance prepare for school. What is the training?

Preparing a child for school

Instruction preparing the child for school

Step 1:

First of all - the development of intellectual abilities. Therefore it is necessary to teach the child to the school at least basic skills of writing, reading and numeracy.

Step 2:

Also, you need to instill in your child the ability to focus. This is achieved through a variety of games and techniques. In addition, there are now a number of different pre-school education and training courses or special educational centers. You can send their children there, or to prepare yourself and unobtrusively, then the child will be comfortable and happy, because it is close to the family man.

Step 3:

In addition to the intellectual abilities of the child needs to develop communication skills. If a child in the class has a good relationship with the children, the school and it will be nice to go. A very good way to avoid the closure of a child in the team - it is a pre-introduce him to some of the future classmates from school premises. It is important to introduce the child and with the teacher, to form a positive impression of her.