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Preparing to sleep for pregnant women

Healthy restful sleep is the basis for the normal functioning of the human body. It is especially important to pay proper attention to sleep, when a woman is expecting a baby. Here are some simple rules that will help to prepare for bed.

Preparing to sleep for pregnant women

Firstly, you should try to completely abandon the daytime sleep and replace it with classes, which would during pregnancy were helpful. Very good lesson - a walk in the fresh air. We need to drink more water. Warm long bath in some cases may be harmful, so better to consult a doctor about their adoption. But to swim in the pool gynecologists recommend necessary.

To sleep was of high quality, do not overdo the intake of drugs. The permitted only as sedatives "Glycine"Rest sedative-hypnotics is better not to take during pregnancy.

You also need to calm down before bedtime. It helps herbal tea. You can also drink a glass of warm milk with honey, freshly squeezed juices.

At night there is very bad, this also applies to pregnant women. Make sure that the dinner was as light as possible.

An important factor in the proper rest is pregnant and the room for sleeping. An hour before bedtime need to ventilate the room, regardless of the weather.

A pregnant woman should have a special pillow, one of them placed under the neck, the other in the side, and the third takes place between the legs of the pregnant woman.

It will also be useful and aromatherapy. Sleepwear should be free, and preferably made of natural materials. Do not buy the dimensionless pajamas and nightgowns, otherwise you may get confused.

By following these simple guidelines, a pregnant woman can enjoy a full, pleasant sleep during the whole period of pregnancy.