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Prevention of physical inactivity in children

Always busy parents, the constant game of gadgets, lack of opportunities (and sometimes unwillingness) to engage in activities leading to the development of a child's inactivity. In addition, children in such cases are deprived of tactile communication, they are not sociable, closed and ill-adapted to the society later. How to avoid these negative consequences?

Prevention of physical inactivity in children

Motion deficit - is the bane of modern society. A person simply is no need to move - internet shopping, entertainment consoles, work online. We unwittingly infect "immobility" and their children! In addition, lack of exercise, a child may be caused by trauma, heredity, oxygen deprivation during pregnancy. In any case - the parents are guilty. Why? Because they often put their own interests above than the interests of the baby:

• I have no time to go for a walk, play a game console,

• I'm busy at work, look at the evening cartoons or read,

• I was tired and did not want to go to the park on weekends.

Moms do not have time and "walk their" baby years up to 5 in a wheelchair on the way to the store. And if they are chosen for a walk, it is constantly upset child: not soak the feet, do not climb into the dirt, do not run, do not climb, etc., etc. In kindergarten and school, we're bringing children by car, stairs prefer to lift... . It is a sad picture, is not it? Let's change. Let your children develop and grow yourself!

So, what is impossible? Do not:

• calm the active child, where you can play loud and action games - on the playground, amusement park, park,

• feed a hyperactive kid soothing constantly, trying to calm his violent temper - he is, what he is,

• forced overfeed children, allow to eat sweet and flour in unlimited quantities,

• Allow to sit for long periods at the computer or with the gadget in hand.

One must understand that lack of exercise can lead to serious illness at an early age. Lack of exercise causes the development of the child diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system does not develop properly, reduced immunity, mental development is retarded, obesity can begin the internal organs, and without the appearance of external signs of this serious health problem.

What to do? It's simple! Exercise Activity itself and serve as an example for their children. What could be better than a family game of football, volleyball or hockey rink, or visiting a hike on skis? !! Even a butterfly net catching butterflies - it's an adventure, it is the child's development. Relax, fall into childhood for at least an hour and a half a day. It depends on you health and development of your baby!

No time? Pick up for the child section or a circle with an active pastime - wrestling, swimming. Dancing. If the baby is too reclusive and shy, ask the coach to spend a few private lessons with your child before it enters the main group.

Just walk - on the way to school, a kindergarten, a shop visit. Leave your car in the garage, let it rest while you and your child will walk, talk, breathe fresh air.