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Proper Office: How to Choose

It would seem that all this stuff, but because they simplify our lives. And especially the life of first-graders. Therefore, to facilitate their first learning difficulties, it is necessary to choose the right the office, such as: pen, pencil, notebook, pens, pencil sharpener, eraser, scissors and glue.

Proper Office: How to Choose

Instruction Office right: how to choose

Step 1:

For a first grader is best to choose a fountain pen. Thanks to her, he will have to successfully develop calligraphy, and he would not write like chicken scratch. If the baby will not write very legibly hotya..eto may relate not only to kids, then this situation will save a special handle heavy-balanced. Those who belong to the sluts, it's best to choose a pen with quick-drying ink.

Step 2:

Pencil should choose a convenient and comfortable and is a triangular rubber. From the lead too much depends, so it should be soft. Understand that this is it easy. It is denoted by the letter B or BH.

Step 3:

It is not pleasant to write when the pen does not write. This may not be due to the fact that the handle is bad, but because of the fact that you bought the wrong book. A quality can be determined by color. It should not be dazzling white and white only. Also touch it to the touch. If a little rough, it is the right choice.

Step 4:

Felt-tip pens and markers is best to buy those that have little or no odor or at all without it. The best choices are those that do not dry out even if you forget to close them cover. Even this can be called a "protection against multiple sclerosis."

Step 5:

When buying a scissors make sure that they are all cut. And selects those that with blunt tips, so that the child does not cut himself.

Step 6:

Do not buy a new-fangled electric sharpeners. Such your child will not last long. The most optimal choice is manual with push knife. If you want this to last for very long, then the choice will fall on a fixed sharpener. Believe me, it will be enough for a very long time.

Step 7:

PVA glue - the best friend of your child. It is safe, as opposed to, at first glance, easy-stick adhesive, which is made on the basis of silicate.

Step 8:

The best rubber eraser. The color of the so-called eraser should necessarily be white. Color may stain the surface of the paper. But, as the seller is such that you need to ask the best, because in order to erase, for example, the handle, you need a completely different eraser. The choice is yours.