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Psychological problems after delivery and methods for their solution

In the first year after giving birth a woman is experiencing serious psychological difficulties. Very often it is pursuing obsessive fears and desires. This usually occurs when the birth was first. Something always hurts the young mother and she does not feel the happiness of motherhood.

Psychological problems after delivery and methods for their solution

The first thing that most torments young mother - is the fear for the life and health of the baby. The woman is afraid that it might have something happen that it is because of his inexperience may do something wrong, will only make things worse. Sometimes a woman is afraid that the child suddenly stopped breathing in his sleep, he falls out of bed.

Another problem - it is an irresistible desire to be alone, to hide from relatives. This desire can splash towards her husband and other children in the form of irritation. Women often irritated because every little thing, from this there are various conflicts with her husband. Sometimes the child's father did not deny possible assistance in education. The woman seems to be that she can not afford to raise a child.

All these translate into causes and postpartum depression. It stems from the fact that a woman is ashamed or afraid to admit their fears she closes her case of depression. There are several ways to help you cope with the depression.

If the child is sleeping nearby, and it is not necessary to put him in a different bed, it is possible to put a child with him, although pediatricians do not recommend. But if it is really better for the baby to the mother, it is best to do so.

As long as the child is breastfed, it is not necessary to feed the baby by the hour, as suggested by many doctors, can give the breast on demand, so you can save the nerves themselves and the baby.

Ask for help from family, parents, her husband. Do not hesitate to ask for help, especially if you are inexperienced in parenting.

Most walk with your child. Optionally, all the time to carry a wheelchair, you can do it in a sling. It is not necessary to lock around a single child. Make time for yourself, meet friends, get positive emotions from favorite activities.

Do not abuse the visits children's polyclinics. Especially if excessive suspiciousness - this is your feature.

At a young mother very well affect the ability to be alone at least an hour a day, so close is understood about it.

Make easy charging. This will help you maintain mental balance. Let free time be devoted not to the household chores, and myself. If you can go on a trip, you should not give it up. Usually grudnichki very easily withstand climate change and long travel, so do not be afraid to take your child with you.

It is better to give up the company of those people who always give advice, especially if the advice you are annoying.

Be sure to take care of themselves and an important step everyday. A child needs a healthy, happy, rested mom, so take time yourself. Do not give all of themselves raising children, it is important that you are feeling fine.