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Raising a son into a man

Women complain that less around these men. And where did they come from? A real man should be brought up. What has to raise from an early age.

Raising a son into a man

To a man of the boy grew up, it is not necessary to initially bring up as a girl. And the question is not at all in order not to feel sorry for him or not to buy nice clothes. However, in the upbringing of boys there are very important differences.

A man has to educate man. Ideally - a father. His example. Because the boy copies father's behavior. The words do not matter here, it will do as his father. Mom, look at your husband, you want your son to be the same? If the father is not involved in the upbringing, the boy must be another significant adult male. As soon as possible find such a person and enter the circle of the boy communicate. It can be a grandfather, coach, friend of the family. Only the most responsible approach to the choice of this person. Man must answer for their actions. From an early age I need to see the consequences of their actions and take responsibility for them. Starting from nevovremya eaten candy to select high school and life partner. Parents, if you allow the child to take responsibility for their actions? The ability to limit yourself - one of the main men in the present life. The ability to endure and sacrifice. Driving training son (for Dad) - "The Best - Mum. Because she's a girl. Then the cat - because he is helpless and dependent on us. And then we are already with you. Because we are men. " Psychological age of sex determination - 3 years. From this age should always speak to his son - "you are a man!" Not later than age accustomed to this position "you must!" It is necessary to apply to her son as to an adult. This does not mean that it does not need to pamper, indulge and kissing - very necessary! This means that a child of this age to discuss family plans (within reason, of course) - how to spend a weekend, what animal to have and why, discusses the choice of clothing and important purchases, trips to visit and a picnic area. It is necessary to allow the son to make mistakes. Falling and getting dirty. And then get up and to wash their belongings. Do not be punished - should be given the opportunity to correct their mistakes. Boy (and any man to old age) - always a researcher. He studies the boundaries of the world and expands them. A man must be agile, restless. He is the driving force of humanity. A woman - the power stable and preserves. Allow the boy to make mistakes and correct their mistakes - your discreet hint.