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Roles father in the upbringing of the child

Parents - are the most important people who only have a small child in a life from the birth and to his formation as a teenager. In addition to direct care and providing finances, and mom and dad are responsible for the child's adaptation to modern social life. What role has the father in the upbringing of her son and daughter?

Roles father in the upbringing of the child The role in the upbringing of his son Example for male behavior. The son begins to show himself as a man, when he begins to imitate his father - his oldest friend, which feels your trust and respect. So it is imperative that it is the father behaved with his son, with a special understanding and love, displaying its best qualities such as responsibility, courage and independence. Only in this case, we try to take the little boy with his father's example, to grow as a result of dignified and confident in their power to man. The idea of ​​the details of the relationship of the sexes. His personal example a father brings his son in respect and respect for the mother, the wife and women in general. Growing up, the child will unconsciously copy his father's relationship to his mother, bearing a relationship to themselves and to the opposite sex. As a result, as an adult, he will take the appropriate model of behavior in the family. Support. A father who supports his son in every way, giving him an excellent opportunity to believe in their own strength and forms the boy attitude to win. The role in the upbringing of his daughter femininity Education. From the earliest days of her daughter's father must say most often that she knew how beautiful and elegant. Such praise and compliments from his father Girl create the right sense of confidence and dignity in themselves, which in turn gives her the opportunity to develop and perfect to take a woman. The idea of ​​the relationship between the sexes. Father teaching daughter how she behave with men, and by their example. The daughter, as well as a son, would be to look at his father, but that daughter will choose the best quality and look for a man with the same qualities and the relationship of parents to be the system of relationships daughter and her future husband. Support. If the father in every way demonstrates respect and love for his daughter, then eventually it will grow in an open and kind person. A feeling that the father will always be able to maintain and create confidence in their abilities daughter.

Proper fatherly attitude must be like daughters and sons, and if the family of father and child relationship is not very good folded, it can be a very serious problem.