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Rules of successful motherhood

Pregnancy often ends with a pleasant moment - the appearance of your miracle. With this event, your life is changing dramatically, and not to get tired and irritated the whole world around us, we must learn how to be a mom. That peace of mind of the child depends on your mood. And, as a rule, your nervousness will excite the child. And his lament over and over again will anger you. And so the circle. Therefore, become calm and balanced young mother.

Rules of successful motherhood


Breastfeeding is considered beneficial for the child, because the mother's milk contains a wide variety of micronutrients that help the baby to grow and develop. also brings a lot of pleasant moments for mothers breast-feeding. During feeding young mother easily lose the extra weight at the usual menu, or simply do not pick up too much. Breastfeeding brings emotional mother with a child, it also affects the formation of the nervous system of the baby. In addition, breastfeeding saves your family budget: do not spend money on formula milk.

Sleep together

The child does not need a tired mom and twitched. And if you wake up during the night to the baby more than once (and breastfeeding requires it), then did not sleep enough, and the day will be sleepy, irritable and angry. Sleep with your child, then at night you have to wake up just a couple of seconds, give your child the chest and back together to sleep. Of course, pediatricians strongly against co-sleeping. This is due to the fact that during sleep you can casually go to the child. But the majority of mothers with a birth children begin to sleep quite sensitively, and hear the lamentation.

Do household chores with your child

In children's shops are full of a variety of accessories for infant independence. Take advantage of them. As long as your baby is swinging on a swing or deck chair while interested in playing with bright toys on the rug, you will have time to iron the laundry, wash the dishes or vacuuming. Even an ordinary stroller is useful, because it can put a child, hanging over it rattles or include him nursery rhymes. Rocking the baby in the same carriage, you can stir the porridge or soup on the stove. With the grown baby is more fun in the kitchen. It can be planted in a highchair, give safe cutlery, showing vegetables and talk about them. The child will be interesting to spend time with you in the kitchen while you are cooking.

Doing only a child during sleep

While your baby is sleeping, get him. Leave all the unfinished chores, they will not disappear. Arrange a spa: take a bath, make a mask on your face, to look after hair. Or take a dip in their creativity: knit something nice, paint with, see a movie. Do you want to sleep - go near the baby. Make it a rule not to engage in household chores while baby sleeps. So you will not have the feeling that you are completely abandoned themselves and their hobbies.

There together

When the child grows up and will eat solid foods, eat with him. Place the food to him and myself. Sit down at one table and eat. Kid's important to see the action. Thus, he learns to chew and interested spoon. After a joint lunch you do not need to hurry to lay the child on a quiet hour, because you do not eat, and hungry.

Walking in a sling

Sling is convenient because the child is always at mum on hands, but at the same time my mother less tired on the severity. Taking a walk in it, you know if the baby cold, hot, or it just right. Sling brings mother and child emotionally, you can walk and talk and talk and show interesting world around them. The obvious advantage of this device is that it will walk you anywhere: you have to open all the shops, museums, exhibitions and even buses, crowded.

A lot of talk, especially about their feelings

This is perhaps the most important point. When the tired young mother and her mentally ill, I want to cry, lie down, but she stubbornly "holding entity" to the child. Kid same living person, as a mom and dad with age, he begins to understand the feelings. But do not restrain themselves when a child. Talk to him about your feelings, whether joy or happiness, resentment or bitterness. Ask matured child about his feelings when he learned to speak or show gestures. Such revelation will teach your child not to hide anything, and to be open and not be ashamed of their feelings. This is especially significant if you have a little man was born.