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Selection of the private kindergarten

There comes a time when Mom decides to go to work, and then there is the question of choosing a child care institution for the baby. There are many options for where to place the child. Options and features of the various institutions.

Selection of the private kindergarten

It's about a private kindergarten. These kindergartens are different, you must first learn occupancy groups, ie the number of children per square meter, as well as age, filling the same group. There are small nurseries, for example, only one game, where all ages of children are in one of the room, as well as a dormitory - it's not quite right. Toys and educational materials should be appropriate to the age of children.

In good kindergartens, usually the number of children per group is determined by their age, the younger the child, the fewer the number of children should be a maximum of 10 people. For the maximum number of children have to be a nurse, a teacher himself. This is very important in terms of safety and hygiene of children.

Pay attention to cleanliness of the groups, did not hesitate to hold your finger on the shelves, on the toys used by children. Look beds, cots, linen clean. In the dressing room should be a bath or shower, individual pots, small toilets, individual towels for hands and feet. And also make sure that the taps have hot water, or the water heater.

As for the staff, ask for documents on education, make sure that your teacher, a doctor, a cook has a degree corresponding to his post. Ask your medical records staff.

About nutrition. Go to the kitchen and ask for routings, have left the sample for yesterday, by the rules of such samples must be left on the test case or a child poisoning.

Location for walking should be as safe! First of all - the fence, and slides and swings should be age-appropriate.

Go to the doctor's office, look medications - antipyretic, first aid and so on; Equipment - inhaler, quartz, etc. as in a doctor's office should be compartment suddenly sick children, cot, toys.

All these rules, of course 100% private kindergartens do not perform. Still, it is possible in which to do something to make allowances, expense of a big plus. But what would be the advantage to you.