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Sex during pregnancy

The long-awaited pregnancy occurred, and now there was a question: is it possible to live a sexual life during pregnancy? It is possible, if both have the desire and the expectant mother are no contraindications.

Sex during pregnancy

So, you love each other, both are healthy and made the most important step in your life - your baby conceived. Pregnancy occurred, but a healthy attraction to each other has not been canceled.

Sex during pregnancy can be engaged if:

You do not have contraindications. Both partners have a desire.

Sexual contacts can not stop the flow of a healthy pregnancy until delivery, not enough - they even have their own advantages:

Woman enjoys, and this has a positive effect on the child. Substances contained in the sperm, prepare the cervix for childbirth.

Many men have a thought that "it will harm your baby". Bosh (if your pregnancy is normal), because the uterus closes the mucous plug, and the child is protected by membranes.

At later stages, some postures may be inaccessible to you because of the fairly large belly and the inability to lie on his back. Therefore, the most appropriate postures at this stage will be the options, when a woman on the side or top. Home - tenderness, love and understanding.

If suddenly you have a discomfort, symptoms or strange in any doubt - be sure to tell that to your gynecologist MPS.

Contraindications to making love during pregnancy:

bloody issues; threat of premature birth or miscarriage; pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse; placenta previa; recurrent genital herpes; reluctance.

Keep in mind all of the above. If pregnancy occurs, you can always consult in advance with your personal gynecologist. Love and light to you birth!