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Slingoodezhda for baby

Different types of slings facilitate the life of a young mom. They help free the hands of the house and on the street, and the constant contact with the child mother assured. Walking with a sling can be comfortable and pleasant, if not fatigue, sweating and itching. Therefore, the choice of clothing is crucial for slingomamy.

Slingoodezhda for baby

Instruction slingoodezhda for baby

Step 1:

Sling it considered part of the clothing, so when choosing a suit under it is worth paying attention to the composition of the tissue. On sunny summer choose thin bamboo or silk slings, they are warm, and the baby they do not sweat. Of the many species would be preferable in May-sling, fast sling or sling with rings. Sling-scarf suit, if he did not knit and wrapped in a minimum number of layers. A ergoryukzak, for example, is made of dense fabric for jackets, so it is suitable to cool summer.

Step 2:

In hot weather, you can abandon any clothes for the baby, but for themselves to wear a cotton T-shirt. Do not forget about the track and hat for the baby, it will save his head from overheating. The legs can be left free of socks and "walking" kiddies wear sandals. Kids who occasionally gets out of the sling, wear easily and freely as possible. Suffice it to a cotton shirt and shorts or sleeveless bodysuit.

Step 3:

In the cool summer and early fall and late spring, when there is no heat and cold, choose the clothes easier. In such weather, wear comfortable baby as well as herself. Cotton panties and pantyhose with a jacket will be just right. Do not forget that tights must be greater than the size of, or even two. This is to ensure that the child does not shrank in a sling. In extreme cases, grab a walk warm jacket on. If it is cool, you nakinet it themselves, buttoning buttons on the child's back. If the jacket is not that big, then grab a still and clothes for the baby. It can be worn on the baby without removing the sling. Better yet, if you take care of your walks and gain or sew yourself to insert the sling on your jacket. Also for this kind of weather, you can buy a poncho with a cut to the baby's head. Head Insulate knitted cap and feet - warm socks.

Step 4:

In the cold season slingomama can be as mobile as in other seasons. To this end, manufacturers have come up with slingokurtki. They are like demi and winter. In autumn, when the air temperature drops to -10, under a jacket, you can wear cotton slip for the child. This is sufficient in view of the very fabric of the sling. As the temperature decreases, you can add a fleece suit and thermal underwear. The head and neck of the child's need to insulate the warm hat and scarf. It is better to choose a hat-helmet. It perfectly cover up the ears and neck, as if the child anyway. The legs are usually not in a sling, so they, too, require additional insulation. They can wear knitted stockings or socks. Sligokurtki convenient in that you always know whether your child is cold, if it blows, and maybe he's hot. Under the jacket will suit all types of slings, except sling with rings. It relies on one shoulder, so the mother can be uncomfortable. For winter choose slings with cashmere or wool, it will save you a lot of clothes. Do not forget that summer bamboo or linen slings are not warm.