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speed reading methods: how to educate their child

Many parents often complain that their child reads slowly and spends much time at the computer. It is necessary to teach children to books and to teach them to read in early childhood. If a child learns to read quickly, it will be a joy, not only for parents but also for the child's success.

speed reading methods: how to educate their child

Instruction speed reading techniques: how to educate their child

Step 1:

Engage with your child special exercises, which is designed for rapid reading skills. Find the relevant literature on the Internet. Learn how to do breathing exercises: inhale nose and exhale through the mouth. Need a pause, and then breathe out parts. This exercise is similar to blowing out the candles on the cake. Teach your child to breathe the air as long as possible.

Step 2:

Pronounce the tongue twisters with your child first speak slowly, then quickly. But do not overload the child can pronounce tongue twisters are not more than 4 per day. New classes begin with repetition.

Step 3:

Write in line fifteen consonants, and train yourself to read it. Add this line in one vowel and have your child read the same. This is a good warm-up before the reading.

Step 4:

Read aloud with your child at least five minutes a day. You must adapt to the child's reading and he has to adjust to you. There is a more complex version: after reading aloud together, each of you must read to himself. Mom fingerprints on a line, and the child keep up with her reading.

Step 5:

Work on accelerated reading technique in the case where the child is going to read whole words. Engage with them in small portions, but often. Tame your child to read before going to bed.

Step 6:

Do not force your child to read a lot, let this occupation will be fun for him, but will not be drudgery. Encourage and praise your child. Encourage him to read. But reading should be regular. Arrange his favorite books in an accessible place. Keep a notebook where the child will write the name of the books he read. Excellent skill of reading child contributes to a good school performance, as fast reading stimulates the development of teaching skills.