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Strangers: safety rules for child

Before the parents have a difficult task - to protect the child from strangers. When a child is not in the zone of visibility, it causes worry. How can we solve this problem and not worry about your baby?

Strangers: safety rules for child Many parents in different ways to deal with this problem. After all, anyone can go to your child until you can not see, and take him away. Now these days that you can not be quiet at 100%. Even sometimes gone children playgrounds for all to see. To get started is to tell the child that you can not do it. But not all children perceive seriously such instruction. Some scare their children with stories about that unruly kids takes uncle in a bag and carries Baba Yaga. But this only leads to the children's fears. Which option is best? How to be completely sure that the child can not behave properly with a stranger? Important With age a child should start to hold a conversation even at the age of 3 years. This is the age when a child can already talk and understand you. The baby in this period is very naive and therefore it is necessary to start working with him. We must explain to the child that he is with you in a safe and talk to strangers is possible only at your presence. If you do not, you can not speak to strangers, because when it hurt, nobody can not help. A child needs to understand that it is dangerous to talk to strangers, and especially with them to go somewhere. This is the best option for your child to explain the problem. Let your child communicates with strangers only in your presence. So it will develop communication skills, and will get rid of shyness. And then when the stranger spoke to him, he kept his head and, in extreme cases, he will flee. Bully uncles children with a bag can not. If it grabs the stranger, the fear of a child can not figure out what was going on. Will think that for bad behavior it drags guy and put him in the bag, it is a punishment. Instruction for Parents of young child who is under 4 years old can not even talk about the dangers of talking to strangers and to open the door for them. They still can not understand. It is best to turn it into a game. Take toys and try to play with the baby all the situations that may occur. This will help the child learn. Situations that can be dangerous for the child - the child stranger offers a ride in a car. Your child should know some phrases that will help to quickly escape. For example, it is late and his parents are waiting or that the pope is the same machine, and it can take a ride on it. - The child can offer to buy the candy and go with a stranger in a store. Or ask for help to find a kitten. Who can take away the child from any location. Sometimes children offer to go on a visit to see the new cartoons that he did not look or toys. And then you have to talk about the wrong answer and what it can lead. And then tell your child how to properly act in a given situation. A child needs to understand that it is not necessary to engage in conversation with strangers, and if it has already happened, as soon as possible you need to get rid of it, or all the running. - If a child is home alone and vyzvanival the door, you should tell your child that he replied that the house has a father, but he's in the bathroom. And let the child call the neighbors to those dealt with a stranger. Also, a child can be intimidating to call the police. - If a child is caught and dragged him in an unknown direction, he must shout loudly and say that this is a stranger, and even call the police. Let the kid bites and scratches, trying to get from the offender. After that, your child will know what to do. child behavior rules with strangers Let the child know some rules of conduct: - Do not stay up late on the street. When a child comes home at night let his parents met in the dark. Go is lit on the street, do not go into the alleys - this is the perfect place for abductions. - Do not open the door to strangers! - Will not go with strangers, even if it seems like a very attractive option pastime. - Do not allow to touch you, keep your distance from a stranger. If it is clear that he is approaching - you need to run! - Do not stand in someone else's car, or believe that you will buy something. These tips are sure to help protect your child. The main thing to explain to your child the entire complexity of the situation. He must understand that strangers can not be trusted.