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"Summer" children: peculiarities of development and nature

Children who were born in the summer, will always be the center of attention, whether they like it or not. This is because nature gives such children the inner strength, generosity, benevolence and kindness.

"Solar" Babes Pediatricians have long noticed that the "summer" kids, especially appeared at the end of the season, larger and higher than their peers who were born during the cold season. This is due to the fact that future mothers spent much time in the sun, and it, in turn, stimulates the production of vitamin D. The researchers claim that the heavenly body sends its power the child before its birth, and then they get sick at times less " spring "or" winter "children. According to research, "summer" kids hardly susceptible to diabetes and asthma, among them a little allergies. "Solar" and Kids mode - concepts that are perfectly compatible. Their biological clock is running fast, so parents usually do not have problems with their falling asleep and awakening. They are not afraid of the dark, especially not act up before going to bed can not be said about the "winter" peers. With proper upbringing of "solar" children grow up organized and responsible people. The weak point was not without a spoon of tar. The weak point of "summer" children are the eyes: the probability of getting a variety of ophthalmic disease in these children is 24% higher than the "winter" or "autumn". They have an increased risk of myopia due to excessive exposure to sunlight in the still immature eyes. That is why parents should from the first days of baby's life to protect his face from direct sunlight. The character of "Summer" for children inherent leadership qualities and inner strength. They are patient, persistent and fair. Often, born in the summer, his life associated with social activities and become politicians, philosophers, lawyers. "Summer" kids love to be the center of attention, but in the depths of the soul can be careful and very shy. They protect the weak, often take risks, but sometimes it can not defend its interests. Such children often need to praise and explain that there is nothing wrong with a healthy ego is not. Increased sensitivity and emotionality allow "summer" children to share their experiences with others and express emotions. For this reason, they are rarely encountered with depressions. Excessive sensibility capable of provoking these children withdraw into themselves, so parents should gently pull them out of this state and direct emotional activity in a useful direction. Come to the aid cooperative games and walks with a discussion of what he saw.