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Swaddling. Pros and cons

Myths about the huge amount of swaddling. And young parents is difficult to understand so many conflicting opinions, and they choose the appropriate way of organizing principles of life of their baby. Agree, that was invented thousands of years ago (and the first mention of swaddling refers to 4 thousand. BC) took a good test of time, time is still relevant. It is only necessary to know in what cases it is necessary to apply this method.

Swaddling. Pros and cons

Swaddling - a good, proven way to improve sleep for ages toddlers from birth to six months. But, like any other method, it is good if used correctly and at the right time.

What you need to remember?

Tight swaddling on all day and night - a terrible relic of the past. It delays the mental and interferes with proper physical development, such as the chest.

Swaddling you do not need, if the child sleeps with parents and sleeps well in his crib.

But the loosely swaddling in which the baby can pull your legs during sleep or diapering a baby alarm that wakes itself handles - a justifiable manner. It will help the child and fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly. Sometimes he would solve the problem 20-40 kaminutnogo sleep, prolonging it to the status of one and a half and sometimes three hours. Sometimes it helps to avoid night "festivals" or that the mother receives for colic. 

When swaddle a baby?

Sometimes parents swaddled their children to sleep from birth, helping the baby to get used to this vast world, after the close of my mother's belly, and sometimes begin to swaddle after sleepless nights, knowing that the child is so easy to sleep better. Swaddling is justified and useful in the first 3-4 months after birth. This time is called chertvertym trimester of pregnancy. Swaddling the baby creates a feeling of tightness, comfort and, above all, security, which he felt in the mother's stomach my whole life.

Swaddling helps your baby falling asleep and during the transition from one sleep stage to another, in these moments there is the effect of the Moro - Trembling all over, throwing legs and arms. Almost all nezapelenutye kids while awake. sleep stages last from 20 to 40 minutes. And the young moms believe that the child woke up because a good sleep. Actually, he just woke up myself and was unable to move to the next phase of sleep. Kid can be sluggish, capricious or overexcited. And all of that enough sleep.

Safe diapering

1. The diaper should not compress, squeeze the baby.

2. What is your main enemy - overheating. Do not cover the needs of the child "just in case". At room temperature should be 22 degrees.

3. Zapelenutogo child lay sleeping on the flank or back. And those children who are used to sleeping on your stomach, it is best not to swaddle. This may not be secure.

4. The bed should be no foreign objects, especially those which can cover a baby's head.

5. All the doctors have long recommended "wide" swaddling. This, in where the child's feet slightly apart. This situation naturally. And is the prevention of hip dysplasia.