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Symptoms of otitis media in an infant

Otitis media - inflammation of the ear of one of the three departments. The most common ailment kids - the so-called otitis media. It usually occurs on the background of a bad cold when nasal mucosa swells and blocks the particular ear canal - the Eustachian tube. As a result, liquid accumulates, causing inflammation in the middle ear cavity.

Symptoms of otitis media in an infant

Instruction otitis symptoms in the baby

Step 1:

Diagnosing otitis older children are usually quite simple: the baby itself will begin to complain of pain in the ear. Grudnichok can also become a victim of this insidious disease, but to talk about their feelings, he is not able. Therefore, the responsibility of mothers is a careful analysis of all the possible signs of incipient inflammation.

Step 2:

During otitis baby often throws the breast or bottle, crying, wagging his head, rolls his head while in a horizontal position, "chew" their own language, and worried for no apparent reason. Six-month babies and toddlers begin to older hands pull at the sore ear and shakes his head vigorously, trying to somehow relieve the pain. One of the important symptoms of otitis media is an increase in body temperature up to 38-38,5 degrees.

Step 3:

Determine otitis using the following procedures. Push down on the trestle - a small mound in front of the ear on the part of the cheeks. Sick child cry, because it will give him a lot of pain. A healthy crumbs, this procedure does not cause any reaction. This check should be carried out regularly, especially in the period of intensive teething. Often at this time in children occurs nasal mucosa swelling and runny nose - the main precursor to otitis media.

Step 4:

Purulent otitis media develops in babies very quickly, literally within 6-7 hours, however if grudnichka appeared at least one of these symptoms, you should not delay to consult a specialist for help.